Creative Mind (Full Book)

Creative Mind – Table Of Contents

In The Beginning- Pt. 1

A Principle That Can Be Proven – Pt. 2

The Word Going Forth – Pt. 3

Why And What Is Man – Pt. 4

The Law Of Our Lives – Pt. 5

Man’s Part – Pt. 6

Bondage And Freedom – Pt. 7

The Word – Pt. 8

The Man Who Has Arrived – Pt. 9

The Power We Have Within Us – Pt. 10

Individual Ideas – Pt. 11

The Reason For The Universe – Pt. 12

Mind In Action – Pt. 13

Action And Reaction – Pt. 14

Arriving At A High Consciousness – Pt. 15

Outer Suggestions – Pt. 16

The Use Of The Greater Consciousness – Pt. 17

The Greater Consciousness – Pt. 18

The Perfect Universe – Pt. 19

About Struggle And Karma – Pt. 20

Practice – Pt. 21

The Same Power Used In Two Ways – Pt. 22

Healing The Sick – Pt. 23

Denials – Pt. 24

The Use Of Affirmations – Pt. 25

The Highest Attitude Of Mind – Pt. 26

Non-Resistance – Pt. 27

Be Alive – Pt. 28

Be Happy – Pt. 29

Live In The Present – Pt. 30

See The Good In All Things – Pt. 31

Be Expectant – Pt. 32

Expanding Our Thought – Pt. 33

The Power Of A Treatment – Pt. 34

Repeating The Treatment – Pt. 35

Impersonal Healing – Pt. 36

Prosperity – Pt. 37

What Is The Spiritual Mind? – Pt. 38

The Church Of God – Pt. 39

The Path To Prosperity – Pt. 40

The Way Of The Spirit – Pt. 41

The Level Of Consciousness – Pt. 42

Practice For Prosperity – Pt. 43

Conclusion – Pt. 44

Questions And Answers – Pt. 45

Definitions – Pt. 46



God – Infinite Spirit, self- knowing Mind, Life, Truth, Intelligence, Love, All Cause and All Effect. That invisible power which makes all things out of Itself, by an inner action of its own thought upon Itself.

The Visible Universe – The ideas of God in expression, the body of God, expression of the Divine Mind. All visible life is an expression of an inner concept.

Law – Mind in action; law is not cause, it is effect. It is intelligence operating. All law is universal.

Vibration – Not intelligence, but the result of intelligence, it follows cause.

Thought – The activity of Mind.

Man – A thinking center in mind.

Creation – Thought becoming form. The Immaculate Conception.

Sin – Lack of understanding.

Righteousness – Spiritual understanding.

Sickness – Image of thought held in mind appearing on the body.

Health – The realization of perfect life.

Poverty – Limited thought.

Riches – The realization of our unity with life, which is limitless.

Consciousness – The realization of the fact that we are.

Life – Consciousness of power and activity.

Truth – That which is.

Realization – An inner thought process whereby we become conscious of our unity with life.

Absolute – Complete self-knowing.

Causation – God, Spirit, Life, That which is.

Intelligence – That which knows that it is.

Unfoldment – The birth of ideas coming forth from Mind.

Illusion – Belief in two powers.

Soul – The inner creative life, the feminine, receptive, creative.

Sense – Not an illusion, but the faculties through which we contact life in its expression.

Motion – The inner activity of life producing manifestation.

Effect – The result of inner motion.

The Word – The activity of thought.

Faith – Positive mental activity.

Fear – Negative mental activity.

Attraction – The drawing power of thought.

Unity – One Mind flowing through all, and in all.

Objective – Life in its outer form.

Subjective – Life in its inner thought or form.

Karma – The law of cause and effect. The result of past thought and action binding the ignorant and freeing the wise.

Multiplicity – The bringing forth from the One of an infinite variety of form, color and motion.

Treatment – The mental and spiritual activity of thought for a definite end.

Demonstration – The result of correct thought.

Heaven – The atmosphere of correct thought.

Hell – The atmosphere of false thinking.

Peace – Mind resting in the realization that it is all.

Poise – An inner calm which never fears.

Power – The result of the union of peace and poise.

Questions And Answers


What is the Truth? The Truth is that which is. It is all that is. As there cannot be something and nothing, so the Truth, being that which is, must at the same time be all that there is.

Where is the Truth? If the Truth is All, it must be everywhere. Being all, there is no other substance to divide it with, being undivided, it is everywhere present. All Truth, which means all power, must be present at all points or at any given point, at any and at all times.

Has the Truth changed? A substance cannot change unless there is something for it to change into. Since the Truth is all, it cannot change, for there is no other thing for it to change into. Whatever is the Truth, then, has never changed.

Is the Truth or that which is, one or many? It must be one, since it is all.

Is the Truth conscious? Yes, man is conscious. We could not be so unless Truth or Life were conscious. Man’s self-consciousness proves the self-consciousness of Life or Truth or Spirit. Like produces like.

What comes out of life? Everything that is comes out of life. If life is all then it follows that all that is, is some form of life.

How does Life make things? Being all, it must make things out of itself. It must operate upon itself, through itself and out of itself must make all that is made. Being conscious, it must know that it is doing this.

What would we call this inner movement of Life? The inner movement of Life or consciousness we would call thought or the self-knowing of Life or Spirit.

Then the universe and all that is a part of it comes from thought? Yes, everything comes from thought.

Do we not see a visible world that seems to change, and if we do, how is it that it could come from something that never changes? Yes, we do see a changing world but back of it is a changeless substance. The thing that changes is the thought or form, the substance from which this form comes never changes. It is one and undivided and takes form through thought in all things. We prove this when we resolve all things into one source. All material things, so called, can be reduced into formless substance, the sole activity of which must be thought or the movement of intelligence upon itself.

What causes form to change? The intelligence behind it.
Is there nothing in the universe then but Life, thought and form? These are all.

If this is true, what is physical law? Physical law is simply the result of the inner movement of Life.

If things and laws are the result of the inner movement of Life, then does it not follow that thoughts are things? Yes, all things are simply thought forms.

How long does thought last as form? As long as the thought is held in Life or Mind.

Does the thought of Life, Mind or Good ever change? From all that we can know the thought of God seems to change. That is, planets change, take form and again become formless. When we realize that all this can take place without ever changing the substance behind it, we see no reason why God’s thought could not change and ever build up a higher form. Indeed, this is one of the teachings of Ancient Wisdom, that while reality never changes, the form that it takes is ever changing.

What is man’s place in the creative order? Man is a thinking center in Mind, reproducing in a smaller scale all there is in the Universe.

Does this not make man’s thought creative? In a certain sense it does. What we call creation is not making something out of nothing but it is thought taking form. And as man thinks and as thought must take form, then it must follow that man’s thought must take form in mind and so become creative.

What is our thought? It is the activity of that something within that can say, “I Am.”

What is the difference between God and man? The very fact that man can say, “I Am,” proves that he is. Since he is, he must be made out of life and must be some part of all that there is. This being so, man must be a part of God’s consciousness. The difference would be in degree only. He must be as much of Life as he recognizes himself to be.

Is all of man’s thought creative? Yes, all or none. If one thought produces, then all must.

If this be true, how is it that man seems to be so limited? Because he has thought limitation and thoughts are things and will always make the thing thought of. In reality the very fact that man’s thought can limit him also proves that it could free him from all limitation by simply changing his thought.

But why is man so made that he can think two ways? This is a question that can be answered only in one way. Unless a man can think as he wants to think he would not be a man at all but simply a piece of mechanism. Man is an individual and that means self choice, backed by a power that will produce the thing chosen. In discovering himself man chooses many things, uses them and passes to a higher choice, ever ascending in the scale of being. As fast as he chooses he experiences that thing which he thinks about.

What is evil? Evil is the result of a lack of clear seeing, based upon a belief in two powers, and limitation and what we call sin is the result of man’s struggle to find himself.

If this be true, why could we not at once begin to change our whole life by first changing our thought? We could. We would not be changing real substance but we would be changing the form that it takes through our thought. All that we can change is the form of thought through which experiences come to us.

What is the limit of man’s creative use of Mind? Man is limited by nothing but his own thinking, by his mental ability to conceive.

What is meant by mental conception? All things are produced by thought. The thing produced from mind is first formed in thought, thought molds mind into form.

But do we not have to act? We cannot think without acting. An inactive body is the result of an inactive mind.

In using our creative powers, how far do we have to consider the conditions under which we live? We do not have to consider them at all. Conditions are the result, the effect and not the cause. We create them as fast as we think.

How would a person start to change conditions? By first changing thought and by realizing that we are not dealing with an illusion but with the great reality. Then by acting as though we already have what we think.

How long would it take to do this? As long as it would take to let go of all negative thought and embody all positive thought. This would depend entirely upon the individual and his mental ability to control thought.

What would hinder us the most? Ourselves, no one gives to us but ourselves and no one takes from us but ourselves.

Can no one else help us? Only to a limited degree. While we may be helped by those who understand the law, for a time, yet sooner or later we must ourselves take the creative responsibility of our own lives. Others may think for us for a few moments a day but we think for ourselves all the time.

But does not God help us? Yes, God helps all but must do it through law. “All’s love yet all’s law.”

How should we pray? By giving thanks that we already have that thing that we pray for by completely believing and by never doubting. “When ye pray believe that ye have received and ye shall receive.” We must be sure that in no way shall we think, act or talk or read about limitation. We must all be a law unto ourselves.



Principle itself is simplicity, yet it is infinite. It is Infinite Mind and manifestation of Mind. We live in a Spiritual universe governed through thought or the word which first becomes law, this law creates what we call matter. Jesus Christ discerned the truth about spiritual principles more than any other person who ever lived and he proclaimed the eternal reign of law and understanding, absolute, complete, perfect and he found that law to be operative through his own thought and the power of his own word. And when you and I shall cease looking outside ourselves to any person and shall realize that whatever truth and whatever power we shall have must flow through us. When we begin to interpret our own natures, we shall begin to understand God and law and life and not until then.

We live and move and have our being in what we call an Infinite Mind, an Infinite Creative Mind, also infinitely receptive, operative, omnipotent and all-knowing and we have learned that this mind presses against us on all sides, flows through us and becomes operative through our thinking. The human race, ignorant of the laws of this mind, ignorant of the power of its own thought, has through its ignorance misused and abused the creative power of its thought and brought upon itself the thing it feared. This is true because all thought is law and all law is mind in action and the word which you speak today is the law which shall govern your life tomorrow, as the word which you spoke, ignorantly or innocently, consciously or unconsciously yesterday, is absolutely governing your life today. As metaphysicians then, we are not dealing with a material nor denying a manifest universe but we are claiming that the manifestation is the result of the inner activity of the mind and if we wish for a definite manifestation we must produce a definite inner activity. You and I, then are not dealing with conditions but with mental and spiritual law. We are dealing with the power of thought, the power of mind and the more spiritual the thought the higher the manifestation. The more our reliance upon what we call God, the greater the power.

It is the new education because it strips all the false from the old belief and reveals the individual. It is the new age, because as sure as God is, it will usher in and express the perfect life, the revelation of this truth and our ability to use it and it is your own fault when you know this and do not prove it.

If, knowing the infinite power flowing through you, you still remain sick and unhappy, miserable and poor, my friend it is your own fault. Do not blame God, do not blame humanity and do not say it is of the devil. It is your own fault. Every time you say I Am, you are recognizing the eternal infinite presence of omnipotent power within yourself, which is God operating through your thought and that is why you bring upon yourself the thing you fear and why you bring to yourself the thing you want.

When fifty-one percent of your thinking is health and life and power, that day the fifty-one percent will swallow up, erase, kill out the rest. The day you, as an individual, through fifty-one percent of your thought, pass beyond the perception of limitation, you will draw out of the universe everything you desire, poverty will desert you and you will be emancipated forever. The day you think fifty-one percent of happiness, misery shall depart and never return. Is it not then worth your time and your effort and should it not be the greatest purpose in the life of any awakened soul so to depict this principle as to emancipate himself?

The way can be shown but each individual must himself walk the way. We are so bound by suggestion and hypnotized by false belief, so entangled by the chaotic thinking of the world, thinking which is based upon the principle of a dual mind, that we become confused and are not ourselves. Wake up! Your word is all-powerful. Your consciousness is one with Omnipotence. Your thought is infinite. Your destiny is eternal and your home is everlasting heaven. Realize the truth, I am living in a perfect universe, it always was perfect and always will be perfect. There never was a mistake made, there are no mistakes being made and there never will be. I live in the great and eternal universe of perfection from cause to effect, from beginning to end and “The world’s alright and I know it.”

Majestic and calm, waiting with eternal and divine patience, the Great Principle of Life is ready to give to us all that it has. And while we listen and wait we will cast from us everything that hinders its complete expression through us, we will let go of all struggle and all strife and be at peace with Life.

Perfect peace to the soul as we rest in the realization of our unity with all that there is, was or ever will be. One with the Infinite Mind. All the power of the Spirit is working through our thought as we believe and receive.

Now we will ask for and take that thing which we desire. It is done, it is complete, now and forever. Perfect life, perfect healing, perfect harmony, Divine guidance, Infinite strength and joy forever.

Practice For Prosperity


Prosperity is in our own hands to do with as we will but we will never reach it until we learn to control our thought. We must see only what we want and never allow the other things to enter. If we wish activity we must be active in our thought, we must see activity and speak it into everything that we do. The spoken word shall bring it to pass. We speak the word, it is brought to pass of the Power that we speak it into. We can only speak the word that we understand, the activity will correspond to our inner concepts. If they are large the results will be large. The thing to do is to unify ourselves with all the biggest ideas that we can compass and realizing that our ideas govern our power of attraction, we should be constantly enlarging within ourselves. We must realize our at-one-ment with All Power and know that our word will bring it to pass. We speak the word, it is brought to pass. As consciousness grows it will manifest in enlarged opportunities and a greater field of action. Most people think in the terms of universal powers. Feel that you are surrounded by all the power that there is when you speak and never doubt but that what you say will spring into being.

We should speak right out into mind all that we desire and believe that it will be done unto us. Never take the time to listen to those who doubt. We observe that their philosophy has done but little to save the world or themselves. Here again let the dead bury the dead and see to it that you maintain in your own thought what you want, letting go of all else. Think only what you want to happen and never let yourself get mentally lazy and sluggish taking on the suggestions of poverty and limitation. See yourself as being in the position that you desire, mentally dwell upon it and then speak with perfect assurance that it is done and then forget it and trust in the law. This will answer all needs. If you want to do this for someone else, all that you will need to do is to think of them and go through the same process of mind action. You will be sending out the truth for them and mind being always active will not contradict what you have said.

Remember that you cannot hope to get results unless you keep but the one idea and do not mix thoughts in your mind. All is yours but you must take it. The taking is always a mental process; it is believing absolutely. This is divine principle.

The Level Of Consciousness


Since all is mind and it is done unto us as we mentally think, all life is simply a law of thought, an activity of consciousness. In our life the power flows through us. If we provide a big receptivity, it will do a big thing. If, on the other hand, we only believe in a small way, the activity must be a small one. The Spirit can do for us only what it can do through us. Unless we are able to provide the consciousness, it cannot make the gift. Few people have a great consciousness and this explains why so few excel. The power behind all things of itself is without limit. it is all-power and in us it has to become what we make it. We carry within our own soul the key to all expression but few enter in.

The door is not seen with the physical eye and as yet but few have gained the ability to see, the majority merely look. Realizing then, that while the power is limitless it must become operative through our own thought, we shall see that what we need is not some greater power but that what we really need is a greater consciousness, a deeper realization of life, a grander concept of being. We must unify ourselves with the great whole. The person who dares to fling his thought out into universal intelligence with the positive assurance of one who knows and dares to claim all there is will find that it will be done. God will honor his request. On the other hand, the one who fears to speak lest God will smite will find himself smitten of the law, not because God is angry but because it is done as he believes.

We have a right to have and should expect to have in this world all that will make for the comfort and for the luxuries of life. What matter how much we have, if we rob no other soul to get it? Shall not the Power that so lavishly spreads Itself out into nature give to us Its highest expression, all that we can ask? We dishonor God when we claim less than all. Until we can expand our thought so that we shall be able to say also, “I am” we need not expect to get great results.

The soul that knows its own Divinity is the great soul before it all else must bend, to it all else must gravitate. Enlarge your thought processes. Away with the little personal thoughts of things and dare to think in universal terms about all things. The universe is running over with good, it is for you but you must believe and then take it. Do you dare to believe that your own word is invincible? When you speak it how do you feel? Is it limitless, is it all power, is all power given to you in heaven and on earth, are you one with the only power that there is? Until you can say yes to all these questions and not simply believe them but know them you cannot hope to attain. It is useless in making a demonstration to beg for things as well beg that water should be wet or that fire should be hot. Things are we must take them. Your word has only the power that you put into it, no more and no less. We are all held accountable for every word that we speak because all is the action and the reaction of mind. We are our own heaven and our own hell.

We start a new enterprise and wonder what the chances of success are, have we realized that the outer is simply the inner manifested? When we go to a new place we shall find there only what we have taken with us. If we have taken success we will find success? If, on the other hand, we have taken failure we will find failure. This is the law none can avoid it, none need try. Every living soul is a law unto his own life. “There is no law but my own soul shall set.” Nothing can come upon the path of the soul but that thing that the soul attracts.

The Way Of The Spirit


Again let us say that the Spirit creates by becoming the thing that it thinks. There is no other possible way in which it could work. Since it is all and there is no other, the thought of opposing forces never enters into its mental working. When we are judging from the outer we are not working in line with the power that we should be using. We must come to see that there is only One Power and that we are touching it at all points, for there is not a power of poverty and a power of prosperity. There is the one becoming the many. It makes and it unmakes that a higher form may appear to express through it. All that is not in line with its forward movement will soon pass away, for it recognizes no opposite. As far as we are concerned what we are and what we are to become depends only upon what we are thinking, for this is the way that we are using creative power. The sooner we get away from the thought that we have to create, the sooner we will be able to work in line with the Spirit. Always we use, we never create anything. The united intelligence of the human race could not make a single rosebud, it does not know enough. But our slightest thought adrift in mind causes the same power that makes all things to create for us.

The great error of the race is and always has been that people have thought to give a physical reason for things. When that reason has not answered the problems of life they have sought out some other reason just as physical. The fact that they are all wrong is shown in that every generation has found a different reason. When truth is found it will also be found that it never changes to suit the whims of the human fancy. This is proven by the fact that whatever of the real truth the race has discovered has never been changed. The truth that was revealed to the prophets of old has never changed, it is the same today as it was thousands of years ago. Whoever touches truth, no matter in what generation, will always get the same answer. The great truth that was revealed from Moses to the time of Jesus is the same truth that is still revealed to all who will accept it. It is simply this, we are now living in a Spiritual Universe governed by mental laws of cause and effect. Moses saw it mostly from the standpoint of the Law of cause and effect, an eye for an eye. What does this mean?

It means, as Jesus said, “As a man sows, so shall he reap.“ Moses saw the law. Jesus saw not only the law (“I am come not to destroy but to fulfill”) but he saw behind the law the reason for it and revealed behind all law the Great Law-giver, a God of love working out the great inner concepts of His own being in harmony and in beauty, filled with peace, causing the sun to shine alike upon the just and the unjust. Jesus did not try to overcome the use of law. He understood all law and He well knew that all law was at His command. He did not break the law, He fulfilled it. So we must find that all is at our command through these same laws. The person who understands law and complies with it will have no difficulty in demonstrating that it is as true for him as it ever was for anyone else. What, then, are the laws underlying prosperity? The first is this and we must not try to escape it: “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.” This Me is Spirit. We are then, to trust only in the activity of Spirit for what we need. But the world will say, “Human things come through human agencies.”

This may be true but we must realize that the power we are dealing with also has within its own mind all people and all things. We do not have to treat people, what we have to do is to embody principle. Principle may use people but that is no part of our responsibility. Ultimately all is Spirit and Spirit which is the beginning is also the end of all manifestation. “I am the Alpha and the Omega.” Our life then, is to be governed by Spirit. We need look no further. It will do for us all that we will ever ask, provided we believe. Why then, has it not done so? The answer is that it has already done so but we have not received it. The Spirit may offer but we must accept the gift before it can be made. “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.” We must understand that this receiving is a mental process, it is one of mentally taking.

The way then, that we are using mind through our thought is the way that we are treating ourselves for prosperity. So simple and yet we have not understood it! If a person says, “I have not,” he will not receive. If he says, “I have” he will receive. “To those who have shall be given and to those who have not shall be taken away even that which they have.” This is a veiled statement of the law of cause and effect. When you send out into mind the thought that you have not, it accepts the idea and takes away from you even that which you have. Reverse the process and say, “I have” and it will at once set to work to create for you even more than you now possess. You will readily see then that you are not dealing with two powers but with one and that it operates through your own thought, doing unto all even as they believe.

The Path To Prosperity


The healing of conditions is no different from other healing. All healing is the constructive use of a mental law which the world is gradually beginning to understand something of. Again we must reiterate the principle of all life. We are surrounded by a thinking medium from which all things come. We think into it, it does the rest. Since we are thinking beings and cannot stop thinking and since Creative Mind receives our thought and cannot stop creating, it must always be making something for us. What it will make depends absolutely and only upon what we are thinking and what we will attract will depend entirely upon our holding thought to the complete exclusion of all that would contradict it.

It is not enough that we should sit down and say, “I am one with Infinite Life.” This must mean more than mere words; it must be felt, it must become an embodiment of a positive mental attitude. It is not claiming something to be true which is going to happen. It is not sending out an aspiration or a desire or a supplication or a prayer. It must be the embodiment of that which knows that now it is. This is more than holding a thought. Our ability to attract will depend upon the largeness of our thought as we feel that it flows out into a great Universal Creative Power. We are dealing with the form in thought and not with the form in matter. We have learned that when we get the true form in thought and permeate it with the spirit of belief we will see the thought made flesh without any further effort on our part.

Thought can attract to us only that which we first mentally embody. We cannot attract to ourselves that which we are not. We can attract in the outer only that which we have first completely mentally embodied within, that which has become a part of our mental make-up, a part of our inner understanding.

A man going into business will attract to himself that which he thinks about the most. If he is a barber he will attract people who want to be shaved or have their haircut. If he sells shoes he will attract people who want to buy shoes. So it is with everything, we will not only do this but we will also attract as much of anything as we mentally embody. This is apt to be overlooked in the study of metaphysics. It is not enough to say that we attract what we think, we become what we think and what we become we will attract.

Do not become merely sentimental about this. Your life is governed by more than a sentiment, it is governed by law, something that cannot be broken, something that picks up every mental attitude and does something with it.

This fundamental proposition of the law should then work out into our conditions. Always remember that it does just as we think. It does not argue it simply does the thing as we think it. Now how are we thinking? Never ask a patient how he is feeling, ask how are you thinking today? This is the only thing that matters. How are we thinking about life and our conditions? Are we receiving the race suggestion? Are we saying that there is not enough to go around? If we are saying this, it is our belief and there is something that will see that it becomes a part of our expression. Most people, through ignorance of the higher laws of their being, are suffering from the thoughts imposed upon them from a negative and doubtful world. We who are claiming the use of the greater law must emancipate ourselves from all sense of limitation. We are not to be governed by the outer confusion but by the inner realization. We are to judge life not from the way that things in the past have been done but from the way that the Spirit does things.

The Church Of God


The Church of God is not built with hands, it is eternal in the heavens. It is not lighted with candles. Its dome is heaven and it is lighted by the stars of God’s illumined thought and each member in his separate star “shall draw the thing as he sees it, for the God of things as they are.” Here all people recognize the God within their own souls and ask for and see no other God. When you can look upon all creation as the perfect work of a perfect God, you will become a member of this church. I doubt very much if the church universal admits members from the church individual.

When you can see in the saint and the sinner one and the same person, when you can realize that the one who kneels before the altar and the one who lies drunk in the street is the same one, when you can love the one as much as you do the other, no doubt you will be able to qualify. As it now is we have too many preachers who do not understand, that have no purpose, too many prayers, too many creeds, too many teachers, that have no message, too many churches, too many “learned” people and too few thinkers.

“The Kingdom of Heaven cometh not by observation.” It is the “still, small voice” within the soul that speaks. The expanded thought will never wish to join or be joined to. Nothing human can contain it. It feels the limitation of form and ceremony and longs for the freedom of the Spirit, the great outdoors, the Great God of the everywhere. Alone in the desert, the forest or by the restless ocean, looking up at the stars, we breathe forth these words, “with only my Maker and me.”

What Is The Spiritual Mind?


What is true spirituality? Many people have asked this and as many have answered it. I do not pretend to know more about this all important topic than others but to the thinking person who has come to realize that all is love, yet at the same time all is governed by law, there must be a different answer given than the one we ordinarily hear. The average religious person thinks that spirituality must manifest in some unnatural way, such as giving up all personal pleasure and becoming resigned to whatever happens, that we must give up most of what life holds here, that in some far- off future perhaps we may attain. This was not the case with the person of Jesus. We have more accounts of his being at feasts and weddings and similar gatherings than at other places. His first miracle was performed at a wedding feast and we must remember that here he even turned water into wine for the pleasure of the guests of the house. Perhaps we have made a mistake about what true spirituality means.

Other people think we must live some kind of an excluded life in order to obtain. Perhaps this may be true of the weak ones. But what of the world? What of the busy street? Is it not to be saved also? Jesus spent much time with the common people as well as with the rich. And it is certain that he also spent much time alone with the Spirit.

What is the Spirit, anyway? We all answer, “Why of course, it is God.” Where is the Spirit? It is present at all times and in all places. True spirituality must simply mean coming to realize the presence of this Spirit. It must be coming to rely upon it more than anything else. The one then who is the most spiritual is simply the one who relies the most, that is all. No matter where he is, he must rely, he must trust, he must believe. We do not have to give up anything but negative thought and act. We do not want to do anything that contradicts the forward march of the unfoldment of the Spirit, so all that we think and do must be in line with that which is right. But who shall say what is and what is not right? Remember this forever, only your own soul shall say what is right and what is wrong. “To thine own self be true and it shall follow as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” Look to no one for guidance. This is the “blind leading the blind.” The Almighty has put the truth into your own soul, look there and there alone for it. Many people seem to think that for a person to look spiritual he must have no color in his face, have some kind of far-away truth, he must be peculiar either in looks or in the way he dresses.

To one who knows the truth, both praise and blame sound alike but from the human standpoint at least a person cannot help being amused at the way in which the world judges true spirituality. My idea of true spirituality is that a person should live a perfectly normal life, entering into and enjoying all in life that is clean and good. He should place himself absolutely under the divine guidance. Other than this he will seem just like other people, neither better nor worse. Get over all kinds of unnatural thought and remember that all is good. Neither criticize nor condemn people or things.

You are spiritual in so far as you trust in the Spirit, at all times, in all places, under all conditions. In order to do this you do not have to seclude yourself from the world. To do so is an open confession of your own weakness and lack. There are moments when it is best to be alone with the Power. From these moments we gather strength. To keep that strength to ourselves is pure selfishness. Walk, talk, live with the human race, hand in hand with all people and unified with all events, live and love and learn. Be natural and normal. If you seek to enter some other way it must all be done over again, for no one lives or dies unto himself but unto all people.