About Struggle And Karma


There is too much struggle coming into the metaphysical thought. Often we hear some seeker after truth say, “I have a big fight ahead.” O foolish and untaught, how can you hope to enter in! The kingdom comes not from without but from within, always. Stop all struggle and wait upon the sure principle that creates whatever it wills because there is nothing to oppose it. As long as we think that opposition exists we are blocking the way for the clearer vision. Those that take up the sword must perish by it not because God is a jealous God but because that is the way the law must work.

Cause and effect must obtain everywhere. Do not even fuss about your Karma. Too often we hear people say, “This is my Karma.” This may be true enough but how many people know what they mean when they use the word Karma? Do you realize that your Karma is nothing but your false thinking and that the only way to escape it is to think the truth and that brings in the higher law? When the greater comes in the lesser leaves because there is no longer anything to give life to it. The past is gone when we learn to forgive and to forget.

This erases from mind all that is held against us and even our sins “are remembered no more against us forever.” Fate is in our own hands and when we will rise to that pure atmosphere where we see things in their completeness and know that an All-Wise Power is behind it all, we will see that the Infinite Mind could wish for us only that which expresses itself in limitless terms. The whole trouble has been that we reason as humans and not as Gods. “I say ye are Gods and every one of you Sons of the Most High.”

The great law of life is thinking and becoming and when we think from the lofty heights of the Spirit we will become great and not until then. Do not try to convince any one of the truth that will bring confusion. Truth is, just as much as God is and the whole world is coming gradually into the realization of it. Keep the truth within your own soul, lift your own self above the confusion of life and then people will believe. So all our thought is to be created in the realization of the One becoming the many, without struggle, without fear; stripped of all that denies the truth.

How limited we are, how little our thought! How the human race rises in the morning, plods off to the day’s work, plods home at night, sore and tired, eats and sleeps, works and dies. As has been said of the human, “Man works hard to get money to buy food to get strength to work hard to get money to buy food to get strength to work hard to get money, etc.” This was never intended, it is the curse imposed on the one who believed in two powers, one of good and one of evil. To us there has come a greater vision and to those who believe and act as though it were true it is proving itself.

We must turn from all human thought and experience. We are not down trodden, depraved and miserable sinners, born in sin and conceived in iniquity and shame, some to go to heaven and some to hell and all to the eternal glory of God. This is a lie, it always was and always will be. But as long as we believe in a lie it seems to be present with us.

Man is born of the Spirit of God Almighty, is pure, holy, perfect, complete and undefiled, at one with his eternal principle of being. Many people are finding this out and as a monument to its truth millions are daily proving it for themselves.

Somewhere down the path of human experience we will all awake to the realization that we ourselves are heaven or hell.

We live in Spirit awaiting the touch of thought that believes. All people look, a few see.

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