Be Happy


How can we hope to make the world see the right way unless we overflow with joy? The world has now too many sad faces. We see them everywhere that resigned look that seems to say, “One rebuff more or less makes no difference. I am already so sad that nothing matters. I can’t bear it.” This was all right when we thought everything was all wrong but now we know that “all is well with the world” we must get over this depression which robs us of the power of attraction of the good things of life and “enter in.”

The man who is always glad will surround himself with people who are happy and life will be a continual enjoyment. This robs no one. It does not make a race of irresponsible people. It makes a world of joy, a world that is good to live in.

No one wants to associate with the dead. People are looking for a more abundant expression of life, not for depression and fault-finding. Find fault with no one and more than this find no fault with yourself. Get over the thought of condemning people and things. People and things are alright, let them alone and enjoy life. Your very atmosphere will cheer and uplift the people who contact you and a new life will enter into them. Overflow.

“As it’s given me to perceive,
I most certainly believe.
When a man’s glad plumb through, God’s pleased with him, same as you.”

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