Principle itself is simplicity, yet it is infinite. It is Infinite Mind and manifestation of Mind. We live in a Spiritual universe governed through thought or the word which first becomes law, this law creates what we call matter. Jesus Christ discerned the truth about spiritual principles more than any other person who ever lived and he proclaimed the eternal reign of law and understanding, absolute, complete, perfect and he found that law to be operative through his own thought and the power of his own word. And when you and I shall cease looking outside ourselves to any person and shall realize that whatever truth and whatever power we shall have must flow through us. When we begin to interpret our own natures, we shall begin to understand God and law and life and not until then.

We live and move and have our being in what we call an Infinite Mind, an Infinite Creative Mind, also infinitely receptive, operative, omnipotent and all-knowing and we have learned that this mind presses against us on all sides, flows through us and becomes operative through our thinking. The human race, ignorant of the laws of this mind, ignorant of the power of its own thought, has through its ignorance misused and abused the creative power of its thought and brought upon itself the thing it feared. This is true because all thought is law and all law is mind in action and the word which you speak today is the law which shall govern your life tomorrow, as the word which you spoke, ignorantly or innocently, consciously or unconsciously yesterday, is absolutely governing your life today. As metaphysicians then, we are not dealing with a material nor denying a manifest universe but we are claiming that the manifestation is the result of the inner activity of the mind and if we wish for a definite manifestation we must produce a definite inner activity. You and I, then are not dealing with conditions but with mental and spiritual law. We are dealing with the power of thought, the power of mind and the more spiritual the thought the higher the manifestation. The more our reliance upon what we call God, the greater the power.

It is the new education because it strips all the false from the old belief and reveals the individual. It is the new age, because as sure as God is, it will usher in and express the perfect life, the revelation of this truth and our ability to use it and it is your own fault when you know this and do not prove it.

If, knowing the infinite power flowing through you, you still remain sick and unhappy, miserable and poor, my friend it is your own fault. Do not blame God, do not blame humanity and do not say it is of the devil. It is your own fault. Every time you say I Am, you are recognizing the eternal infinite presence of omnipotent power within yourself, which is God operating through your thought and that is why you bring upon yourself the thing you fear and why you bring to yourself the thing you want.

When fifty-one percent of your thinking is health and life and power, that day the fifty-one percent will swallow up, erase, kill out the rest. The day you, as an individual, through fifty-one percent of your thought, pass beyond the perception of limitation, you will draw out of the universe everything you desire, poverty will desert you and you will be emancipated forever. The day you think fifty-one percent of happiness, misery shall depart and never return. Is it not then worth your time and your effort and should it not be the greatest purpose in the life of any awakened soul so to depict this principle as to emancipate himself?

The way can be shown but each individual must himself walk the way. We are so bound by suggestion and hypnotized by false belief, so entangled by the chaotic thinking of the world, thinking which is based upon the principle of a dual mind, that we become confused and are not ourselves. Wake up! Your word is all-powerful. Your consciousness is one with Omnipotence. Your thought is infinite. Your destiny is eternal and your home is everlasting heaven. Realize the truth, I am living in a perfect universe, it always was perfect and always will be perfect. There never was a mistake made, there are no mistakes being made and there never will be. I live in the great and eternal universe of perfection from cause to effect, from beginning to end and “The world’s alright and I know it.”

Majestic and calm, waiting with eternal and divine patience, the Great Principle of Life is ready to give to us all that it has. And while we listen and wait we will cast from us everything that hinders its complete expression through us, we will let go of all struggle and all strife and be at peace with Life.

Perfect peace to the soul as we rest in the realization of our unity with all that there is, was or ever will be. One with the Infinite Mind. All the power of the Spirit is working through our thought as we believe and receive.

Now we will ask for and take that thing which we desire. It is done, it is complete, now and forever. Perfect life, perfect healing, perfect harmony, Divine guidance, Infinite strength and joy forever.

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