Expanding Our Thought


All things come to us through the use of our thought. If we have a small concept of life we will always be doing small things. First in the creative series is the word but the word carries us no further than our consciousness back of it. Unless we are constantly expanding our thought we are not growing. Growth is the law of life and it is necessary. We cannot stand still.

If you want to do a new thing, get a new thought and then you will have the power of attraction which has the possibility of drawing to you the circumstances which will make for the fulfillment of your desires. Get over the old idea of limitation. Overcome all precedents and set yourself in the new order of things. If you want to build a railroad, you will never do it unless you get over the idea that the most you can hope for in life is to sell peanuts.

Let the people sell peanuts for a living who think in the terms of peanuts. Get out of the rut. God has created you for a glorious future, dare to fling out into mind the greater assurances about yourself.

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