Healing The Sick


We shall be called upon to heal all manner of disease, to comfort the sorrowing and to bring peace to the distressed. First we must heal ourselves. When we are healing others we are also healing ourselves. A healer’s work takes place within himself. This idea of “sending out thought” and “holding thought” is all a mistake. Things come into being not only by “taking thought” but by knowing that the Word is infinite. This word is in your own mouth and there alone can it be spoken. Here your responsibility begins and here it ends, in your own mouth. You must feel no responsibility for the recovery of your patient, for it brings confusion and disturbance to be always wondering if it is working. It must work, if you have the sure faith and your patient is receptive. You are dealing with the same power that said, “Let there be light” and there was light.

If your patient is suffering from a belief that he is dying of some dread disease, you must know that when you speak the word it will destroy this false belief and set him free. There must be no doubt about the power in the word which you speak. It should be said in perfect calm, in peace and with absolute faith that it will work. This word then establishes the law of life unto the patient, it casts out all fear, it destroys all false sense of a material life and realizes that all is an expression of a perfect God and so leaves nothing that can sin, be sick, suffer or die. When you are as sure of this as that you breathe, when you truly know within yourself, your patient will be healed, provided he also believes. If he does not believe it is not your fault and you will have done for him all that can be done.

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