Individual Ideas


We find that in the Universe every separate idea has a word, a mental concept behind it and as long as that word remains the thing is held in place in the visible world. When the concept is withdrawn the idea in the visible melts away, disappears. It ceases to vibrate to the word, which is the law behind it, for when the word is withdrawn the condensation of the ether that forms the word melts again into the formless. There was a time when the world was without form and from the word alone all things were made that are made. When our word says that there is no longer life in our bodies, the life principle withdraws and our bodies return to the substance from which they came. Here is the great mystery of life that we are able to use this creative word for whatever purpose we may desire and that word becomes the Law unto the thing for which it was spoken.

And so in our lives we might say that without our word was not anything made that was made. For we are given the power to sit in the midst of our lives and direct all their activities. There is no struggle and no strife necessary. All that we have to do is to know. We must awake and with the glorified consciousness of an emancipated soul use our God-given power.

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