Mind In Action


Everything that we see is the result of mind in action. We all have a body and we have what is called a physical environment. We could have neither if it were not for mind. The law implanted within us is, that we need nothing except ourselves and this All-Wise Creative Mind to make anything and that just so far as we depend upon any condition, past, present or future or upon any individual, we are creating chaos, because we are dealing with conditions and not with causes. Every living soul is a law unto himself but of this great truth few people are conscious. It seems difficult for the race, which feels itself to be so limited, to comprehend the fact that there is a power that makes things directly out of itself by simply becoming the thing that it makes and that it does this by self knowing. But we will not demonstrate until we see at least some of this, the greatest truth about life.

We should realize that we are dealing with the principle that is scientifically correct. It will never fail us at any time but is eternally present. We can approach the Infinite Mind with a depth of thought and understanding, knowing that it will respond, knowing that we are dealing with reality.

Jesus, who saw this very clearly, laid down the whole law of life in a few simple words. “It is done unto you as you believe.” We do not have to do it, it is done unto us, it is done by a power that is all. Could we believe that a material mountain would be moved, it would be done unto us. But unless we do believe there is no impulse for the creative power and we do not receive. Life externalizes at the level of our thought.

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