Practice For Prosperity


Prosperity is in our own hands to do with as we will but we will never reach it until we learn to control our thought. We must see only what we want and never allow the other things to enter. If we wish activity we must be active in our thought, we must see activity and speak it into everything that we do. The spoken word shall bring it to pass. We speak the word, it is brought to pass of the Power that we speak it into. We can only speak the word that we understand, the activity will correspond to our inner concepts. If they are large the results will be large. The thing to do is to unify ourselves with all the biggest ideas that we can compass and realizing that our ideas govern our power of attraction, we should be constantly enlarging within ourselves. We must realize our at-one-ment with All Power and know that our word will bring it to pass. We speak the word, it is brought to pass. As consciousness grows it will manifest in enlarged opportunities and a greater field of action. Most people think in the terms of universal powers. Feel that you are surrounded by all the power that there is when you speak and never doubt but that what you say will spring into being.

We should speak right out into mind all that we desire and believe that it will be done unto us. Never take the time to listen to those who doubt. We observe that their philosophy has done but little to save the world or themselves. Here again let the dead bury the dead and see to it that you maintain in your own thought what you want, letting go of all else. Think only what you want to happen and never let yourself get mentally lazy and sluggish taking on the suggestions of poverty and limitation. See yourself as being in the position that you desire, mentally dwell upon it and then speak with perfect assurance that it is done and then forget it and trust in the law. This will answer all needs. If you want to do this for someone else, all that you will need to do is to think of them and go through the same process of mind action. You will be sending out the truth for them and mind being always active will not contradict what you have said.

Remember that you cannot hope to get results unless you keep but the one idea and do not mix thoughts in your mind. All is yours but you must take it. The taking is always a mental process; it is believing absolutely. This is divine principle.

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