The one who wishes to practice metaphysics must first, last and all the time realize that he himself is a center of the divine activity. He must know that whatever God is in the Universal, he is in the world in which he lives. He must know that all things are made out of Spirit, which is First Cause, nothing comes before Spirit. Operating upon itself out of itself, it makes what it will out of its own perfect desire. He must think of the Spirit as the Father of his own life, eternally bound to him, eternally binding him to it.

He must know that the Spirit not only can manifest through him but that it wishes to do so, “The Father seeks such to worship Him.” The practitioner who understands the truth knows that as long as God exists, he will exist that he could no more become non-existent than God could. Walking, talking, moving in God, he must not only see the Divine Being as the great unknown Cause but he must go a step further and see God as the great self-knowing, understanding power of Infinite Intelligence, thinking through his own thought and willing into his own life all power and all good. More than this, God must become within his own soul the greater self, the inner life, the inner light that is to light his path with sure step to the attainment of the greater ideals. God is to become the great friend of his life, understanding him and helping him at all times to understand all things.

No more books, no more teachers, no more preachers, creeds or candlesticks will he ever need. The old methods must vanish into their native nothingness, as the great realization that God is all in his life dawns upon his awakened thought.

“Naught is the squire, when the king’s at hand. Withdraw the stars, when dawns the sun’s brave light.”

He must know that not height, nor depth, nor any other thing, can come between the soul and its perfect Creator. Too long have we listened to people. Now our own soul shall speak in a language that is unmistakable. Now shall we ourselves become masters of all life and interpreters of all mysteries. Now my Father and I are one.

As the word of God goes forth and sets in motion the all law, so must we realize because we are one with the word that our own thought has the power of expression. The one who wishes to heal must come to see all evil as impersonal, fastening it to no one but realizing that it is simply false thought. The healer knows that the word which he is to speak will destroy this false impression and by erasing it, it will vanish.

There should be absolutely no sense of responsibility beyond speaking the word in positive faith, knowing. All struggle belongs to the Old Order, in the New peace takes the place of confusion, faith answers the cry of doubt and fear and the Word is Supreme.

We must know that our word is law and cannot be set aside by the false thought of the world. Every time that we state a truth, we must know that that truth destroys all that is unlike itself and frees the thought of the one whom we wish to help and to heal.

This word must become the new Law which frees. People are sick because they think sickness and will be healed only when they turn from this kind of thought and begin to think in terms of health.

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