The Church Of God


The Church of God is not built with hands, it is eternal in the heavens. It is not lighted with candles. Its dome is heaven and it is lighted by the stars of God’s illumined thought and each member in his separate star “shall draw the thing as he sees it, for the God of things as they are.” Here all people recognize the God within their own souls and ask for and see no other God. When you can look upon all creation as the perfect work of a perfect God, you will become a member of this church. I doubt very much if the church universal admits members from the church individual.

When you can see in the saint and the sinner one and the same person, when you can realize that the one who kneels before the altar and the one who lies drunk in the street is the same one, when you can love the one as much as you do the other, no doubt you will be able to qualify. As it now is we have too many preachers who do not understand, that have no purpose, too many prayers, too many creeds, too many teachers, that have no message, too many churches, too many “learned” people and too few thinkers.

“The Kingdom of Heaven cometh not by observation.” It is the “still, small voice” within the soul that speaks. The expanded thought will never wish to join or be joined to. Nothing human can contain it. It feels the limitation of form and ceremony and longs for the freedom of the Spirit, the great outdoors, the Great God of the everywhere. Alone in the desert, the forest or by the restless ocean, looking up at the stars, we breathe forth these words, “with only my Maker and me.”

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