The Path To Prosperity


The healing of conditions is no different from other healing. All healing is the constructive use of a mental law which the world is gradually beginning to understand something of. Again we must reiterate the principle of all life. We are surrounded by a thinking medium from which all things come. We think into it, it does the rest. Since we are thinking beings and cannot stop thinking and since Creative Mind receives our thought and cannot stop creating, it must always be making something for us. What it will make depends absolutely and only upon what we are thinking and what we will attract will depend entirely upon our holding thought to the complete exclusion of all that would contradict it.

It is not enough that we should sit down and say, “I am one with Infinite Life.” This must mean more than mere words; it must be felt, it must become an embodiment of a positive mental attitude. It is not claiming something to be true which is going to happen. It is not sending out an aspiration or a desire or a supplication or a prayer. It must be the embodiment of that which knows that now it is. This is more than holding a thought. Our ability to attract will depend upon the largeness of our thought as we feel that it flows out into a great Universal Creative Power. We are dealing with the form in thought and not with the form in matter. We have learned that when we get the true form in thought and permeate it with the spirit of belief we will see the thought made flesh without any further effort on our part.

Thought can attract to us only that which we first mentally embody. We cannot attract to ourselves that which we are not. We can attract in the outer only that which we have first completely mentally embodied within, that which has become a part of our mental make-up, a part of our inner understanding.

A man going into business will attract to himself that which he thinks about the most. If he is a barber he will attract people who want to be shaved or have their haircut. If he sells shoes he will attract people who want to buy shoes. So it is with everything, we will not only do this but we will also attract as much of anything as we mentally embody. This is apt to be overlooked in the study of metaphysics. It is not enough to say that we attract what we think, we become what we think and what we become we will attract.

Do not become merely sentimental about this. Your life is governed by more than a sentiment, it is governed by law, something that cannot be broken, something that picks up every mental attitude and does something with it.

This fundamental proposition of the law should then work out into our conditions. Always remember that it does just as we think. It does not argue it simply does the thing as we think it. Now how are we thinking? Never ask a patient how he is feeling, ask how are you thinking today? This is the only thing that matters. How are we thinking about life and our conditions? Are we receiving the race suggestion? Are we saying that there is not enough to go around? If we are saying this, it is our belief and there is something that will see that it becomes a part of our expression. Most people, through ignorance of the higher laws of their being, are suffering from the thoughts imposed upon them from a negative and doubtful world. We who are claiming the use of the greater law must emancipate ourselves from all sense of limitation. We are not to be governed by the outer confusion but by the inner realization. We are to judge life not from the way that things in the past have been done but from the way that the Spirit does things.

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