The Use Of The Greater Consciousness


In practice the emancipated soul must always realize that he is in union with the Father. What the Father does, he can do in his own life. What God is, he can become. His word must be spoken with absolute authority. He must know, there should be no uncertainty. The word is the only power, everything must come from it and nothing can stand against it. It is the great weapon which he is to use against all evil and for all good. It is his shield against all adversity and his sure defense against all seeming limitation.

The secret place of the Most High is in his own soul, where God dwells in eternal peace and infinite calm. Here he walks the waters of life undisturbed by the waves and the storm. Divine companionship is his for all eternity. Peace which transcends all human confusion comes and he realizes that indeed he is honored of the Father. His word is flung out and will work and none can hinder it. The sense of sureness is complete. Heaven and earth may pass away but the word goes on and on accomplishing that thing for which it was sent and all power is given to it on earth and in heaven. If he speaks to the sick and they receive, it will heal them. If he says the word of prosperity it will manifest and nothing can hinder it. The world will abound with good and his cup run over with life.

What more can we ask! What greater realization of life than to know that God is with us! From this great realization comes peace, a peace which the world little understands and a calm which is as deep as the infinite sea of love in which he realizes himself to be immersed. Peace brings poise and the union of these two gives birth to Power. No person can hope to arrive while he believes in two powers; only as we rise to the realization of the One in and through all can we attain. When we speak the word there must be no confusion but only that calm reliance which knows that “Beside me there is none other.” Realize that Spirit is all Causation and that all things are made out of it, by the operation of the word through it and that you can speak the word that is one with the Spirit and there will be no more confusion. “As the Father has inherent life in himself, so has he given to the Son to have inherent life within himself. Speak the word only and it shall be done. The word is in your own mouth that ye should know it and do it. Stranger on earth, thy home is heaven. Pilgrim, thou art the guest of God.”

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