The Word Going Forth


Since this is true, everything depends upon our mental concepts. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,” the Bible reiterates this statement telling us many times of the creative power of thought. Jesus taught nothing else. He said “the words which I speak unto you, they are Spirit and they are life.”

The Centurion coming to Jesus recognized the power of the word spoken by the latter. He said, “I also am one in authority” but his authority was on the physical plane and he saw that Jesus had authority on a Spiritual plane, for he said, “Speak the word only .”

The Bible also tells us that the word is not afar off but in our own mouth. It is neither here nor there; it is within every living soul. We must take the responsibility for our own lives. All must awake to the facts that they have absolute control over their lives and that nothing can happen by chance. Then they will have a broader concept of God, a greater tolerance for their neighbor and a greater realization of their own divine nature. What a relief from strenuous labor, no more struggle or strife. “Be still and know that I am God and beside me there is none other.” The Spirit being all there is, we cannot conceive of anything that can hinder its working. When the Spirit has spoken, the Word becomes Law, for before the Law is the Word, It precedes all else. First is Absolute Intelligence, All-Power, All-Presence, All-Causation, then the movement upon itself through the power of the Word, then the Word becoming Law, the Law producing the thing and holding it in place.

So long as the Word exists the thing will exist, for since the Word is All-Power there is nothing beside It. “I Am that I Am and beside me there is none other.” This “I Am” is Spirit, God, All. There is no physical explanation for anything in the universe, all causation is Spirit and all effect spiritual. We are not living in a physical world but in a spiritual world peopled with spiritual ideas. We are now living in Spirit.

God or Spirit governs the universe through great mental laws that work out the divine will and purpose, always operating from Intelligence. This Intelligence is so vast, and the power so great that our human minds cannot even grasp it. All that we can hope to do is to learn something of the way in which it works and by harmonizing ourselves with it, to so align ourselves with Spirit that our lives may be controlled by the great harmony that obtains in all the higher laws of nature but has been very imperfectly manifested in us. This brings us to the second point of consideration.

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