The Word


“The Word was with God and the Word was God. The Word is nigh thee, even in thy own mouth that thou shouldst know it and do it.” What does this mean? It clearly states that whatever power there is in the Word (and it says it is All Power) is also in our own mouths. There is no avoiding the fact that the Bible claims for man the same power in his own life and his own world that it claims for God. In the lives of the majority, men do not realize that the Word is in their own mouths. What Word? Little do we realize that this Word which they are so earnestly seeking is every word they hear, think or speak. Do we who are endeavoring to realize the greater truths of life always govern our words? If any word has power, it follows that all words have power. It is not in the few moments of spiritual meditation that we demonstrate but we bring out the possibilities of the hidden word when we are allowing our thoughts to run in any direction. Not in the short time spent in silence but in the long hours stretching themselves into days, months and years, are we always using the word. An hour a day spent in silent meditation will not save us from the confusion of life. The fifty-one percent of a person’s thinking is what counts.

It is easy when we are alone to brave the storms of life, surrounded by our own exalted atmosphere we feel the strength of the Infinite, we rise in Spirit, we think we are experiencing the ultimate of truth, that all things are ours. These moments in a busy life are well spent but must unavoidably be brief. But what of the rest of the day, what of the busy street, of the market place and of all the daily contact with life? Do we then obtain? Do we keep on in the same even way? Or do we fall before the outer confusion of our surroundings? We are still creating the word and setting it afloat in the great ethers of life. Are these words creating for us? Yes!

How necessary then,
to “keep the independence of the solitude” how seldom we do this!
“God sent an angel to speak to me –
A word He was fain I hear.
And the angel brought the message
And whispered it in my ear.

“God knew I needed the word He sent – I had lost the zest of fight;
And the right was all but beaten;
The wrong it was all but right.

“Simple the word that He sent me – But it soothed a spirit raw
With the pain of too much striving – ’Twas ‘Love fulfills the law.’ ”

Few people indeed in the day in which we live are well poised. Where do we find the person who can live above his surroundings, who in his own thought can dominate all conditions and in the midst of the crowd keep his own even way and his own counsel? When we do meet with such a person we will know him, for we shall find on his face the image of perfect peace.

We shall detect in his bearing the ease and independence that comes only to the person who has found himself and who is centered not in the outer but in the inner world.

Such a character as this has the power to attract to himself all of the best in the world. He is a center toward which all else must gravitate. The atmosphere which he creates and with which he surrounds himself is one of absolute calm and peace. The world at once sees in this person a master and gladly sits at his feet. And yet this person who has risen above the thought of the world cares not that other people should sit at his feet. He knows that what he has done all may do and he well knows that all the teaching in the world will not produce another such as he. He knows that it is not from the teaching but from the being that true greatness springs. So this person does not go around teaching or preaching, he simply is.

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