The Use Of Affirmations


The affirmation is the great weapon of the healer. It is in alignment with the way of the original creative spirit and is the true use of the Word of All Power. We need only to say that our word is the law unto the case and calmly state what we want to be done and then say and do nothing that contradicts it and wait for the fulfillment of that word. There is a power that operates on what we say and it is done unto us and we need have no fear about the results.

If I am treating Mary Jones I need only say I am helping her, and go to work within myself to realize that she is now a perfect being, made in the image of God. I must know that I am destroying all imperfection. When I know within myself that I am speaking the truth and realize that she is perfect, the healing is done as far as I am concerned. If she receives she is healed. I am not responsible for her receptivity. Know that there is a power that corresponds to your own mental attitude and you will see that the way you are believing is what makes things happen the way they do. Always believe in what you are doing. Never see the negative side of life, never talk about it or listen to talk of other people and never think about or see imperfection and you will have no trouble in making demonstrations.