Be Alive


There is no place in the New Order for “dead ones.” The true metaphysician is alive to all that is useful. Filling his place in the events of the human race, he takes in all its labor and in all its fun. Pessimism must be relegated to the scrap heap. There is no place among the living for the dead. “Let the dead bury their dead. Follow thou me.” Do not hesitate to enter into the game of life but do so with a zest and an enthusiasm that over-flows with life. Fill yourself with the radiance of a life running over with power and usefulness. Then shall the world see your light.

People in New Thought above all others should enter into the business world, into educational vocations, into politics, into every walk of life and there prove before a waiting world, tired of itself, that a “man’s a man,” with this difference not a “son of man” but a “Son of God.”