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This is one of my favorite pictures and one of the theme pics that I use for Creative Mind Books.

It reminds me of transcendental meditation and using meditation as a tool to connect with a higher power and infinite intelligence:

“That which in the beginning knew the end.”

The Level Of Consciousness


Since all is mind and it is done unto us as we mentally think, all life is simply a law of thought, an activity of consciousness. In our life the power flows through us. If we provide a big receptivity, it will do a big thing. If, on the other hand, we only believe in a small way, the activity must be a small one. The Spirit can do for us only what it can do through us. Unless we are able to provide the consciousness, it cannot make the gift. Few people have a great consciousness and this explains why so few excel. The power behind all things of itself is without limit. it is all-power and in us it has to become what we make it. We carry within our own soul the key to all expression but few enter in.

The door is not seen with the physical eye and as yet but few have gained the ability to see, the majority merely look. Realizing then, that while the power is limitless it must become operative through our own thought, we shall see that what we need is not some greater power but that what we really need is a greater consciousness, a deeper realization of life, a grander concept of being. We must unify ourselves with the great whole. The person who dares to fling his thought out into universal intelligence with the positive assurance of one who knows and dares to claim all there is will find that it will be done. God will honor his request. On the other hand, the one who fears to speak lest God will smite will find himself smitten of the law, not because God is angry but because it is done as he believes.

We have a right to have and should expect to have in this world all that will make for the comfort and for the luxuries of life. What matter how much we have, if we rob no other soul to get it? Shall not the Power that so lavishly spreads Itself out into nature give to us Its highest expression, all that we can ask? We dishonor God when we claim less than all. Until we can expand our thought so that we shall be able to say also, “I am” we need not expect to get great results.

The soul that knows its own Divinity is the great soul before it all else must bend, to it all else must gravitate. Enlarge your thought processes. Away with the little personal thoughts of things and dare to think in universal terms about all things. The universe is running over with good, it is for you but you must believe and then take it. Do you dare to believe that your own word is invincible? When you speak it how do you feel? Is it limitless, is it all power, is all power given to you in heaven and on earth, are you one with the only power that there is? Until you can say yes to all these questions and not simply believe them but know them you cannot hope to attain. It is useless in making a demonstration to beg for things as well beg that water should be wet or that fire should be hot. Things are we must take them. Your word has only the power that you put into it, no more and no less. We are all held accountable for every word that we speak because all is the action and the reaction of mind. We are our own heaven and our own hell.

We start a new enterprise and wonder what the chances of success are, have we realized that the outer is simply the inner manifested? When we go to a new place we shall find there only what we have taken with us. If we have taken success we will find success? If, on the other hand, we have taken failure we will find failure. This is the law none can avoid it, none need try. Every living soul is a law unto his own life. “There is no law but my own soul shall set.” Nothing can come upon the path of the soul but that thing that the soul attracts.

The Greater Consciousness


Man is surrounded by a great universal thought power which returns to us always just as he thinks. So plastic, so receptive is this mind, that it takes the slightest impression and molds it into conditions. There are two things in us which our thought affects, our body and our environment. At all times he is given absolute control over these two things and from the effect of his thought upon them he cannot hope to escape.

At first, being ignorant of this fact, he bind himself by a misuse of the laws of his being but as he begin to see that he himself is responsible for all that comes to him on the path of life, he begins to control our thought, which in its turn acts on the universal substance to create for him a new world.

The great soul is learning more and more to dare to fling out into mind a divine idea of himself and to see himself perfect and whole.

If he has a divine thought he will get a divine thing, if he has a human thought he will get a human thing. He will receive whatever his innermost thought embodies. And so we find in the Bible twice repeated these words: “To the pure Thou wilt show Thyself pure and to the forward, Thou wilt show Thyself forward.” It is done unto all as they believe.

We often wonder why it is that we are not making better demonstrations. We look about and observe that some are getting wonderful results, they are speaking the word and people are being healed. We see others struggling along with the word and nothing seems to happen and when we inquire into the reason for all this we find it to be very plain indeed. All is mind and we are mental, we are in mind and can only get from it what we first think into it. We must not only think but we must know. We have to provide within ourselves a mental and spiritual likeness for the thing desired. The reason why so few succeed then, must be because they have not mentally really believed to the exclusion of all that would deny the thing which they believe in. And the reason why others do succeed must also be because they have absolutely believed and allowed real power to flow through and out into expression. They must have a real concept of life. Hold an object in front of a mirror and it will image in the mirror the exact size of the object. Hold a thought in mind and it will image in matter the exact likeness of the thought. Let us take this image which we hold before a mirror and change it ever so slightly and there will be a corresponding change in the reflection. It is just the same in the mental world, whatever is imaged is brought forth from mind into manifestation.

We must not deny that which we affirm. We must reason only from that cause which is spiritual and mental and weed out all thought that would deny its power in our lives. There seems to be something in the race thought that says humanity is poor, humanity is limited that there is a lack of opportunity, that times are hard, that prices are high, that nobody wants what I have to offer. No person succeeds who speaks these ideas. When we express ourselves in this way we are using a destructive power. All such thoughts must go and we must all realize that we are an active center in the only power there is.

We must get the perfect vision, the perfect conception. We must enlarge our thought until it realizes all good and then we must swing right out and use this Almighty Power for definite purposes. We should daily feel a deeper union with Life, a greater sense of that indwelling God, the God of the everywhere, within us. When we speak into this Mind we have sown the seed of thought in the Absolute and may rest in peace. We do not have to make haste because it is done unto all as they believe. “In that day that they shall call upon me I will answer.”

People will often ask, “What is the best method for demonstration?” There is but one answer to that question; the Word is the only possible method of demonstrating anything; the word really felt and embodied in our thought. Then the word becomes flesh and dwells among us and we behold and experience it. We will ask for no other way when we understand this.

The person who does not understand these laws will be likely to say that this is presumptuous that it is even sacrilegious but this comes only from a lack of understanding of the fact that all is governed by law and that all law is impersonal and universal. We have just as much right to use spiritual law as to use so-called physical laws. Strictly speaking there is no such a thing as a physical law, as all things are spiritual and all law is a law of the activity of the Spirit. The greatest use of these laws will always come to that soul who is the most deeply spiritual, as such an one comes the nearest to using law as God uses it. So to the really great soul there must come a very close relationship with the Invisible God. This relationship cannot be expressed in words but only in inner feeling which transcends the power of words to express. God must become the great reality, not simply as the principle of life but more as the great Mind which knows and which at all times understands and responds. To say that God does not understand our desires would be to rob the divine mind of all consciousness and place God lower in the scale of being than we ourselves are. On the other hand we must be careful not to believe that God thinks evil and understands that which is not perfect, as then we would have an imperfect being for the First Cause.

We should more and more learn to think of things in the absolute, that is to think of things as not limited by conditions. Realize at all times that the Spirit makes things out of Itself and needs no beginning except its own self-recognition. Then we must recognize our relation to this great power as one of absolute correspondence. What we think into it, it takes up and does for us as we think. It should not be an effort to think, we should do so with ease, without strain. The law must return to us, we have no responsibility except to provide the proper channel. It can return only in the exact way that we think. If we think struggle is the reality, we shall gain our demonstration but struggle will have to be the result. There is a law of reflection between Mind and the one who thinks and it is not only what a person thinks but also how he thinks that “shall be done unto him.”

If you believe absolutely that you can do a certain thing, the way will always be opened for you to do it. If also you believe that time will have to elapse, then you are making that a law and time will have to elapse. If on the other hand you believe that mind knows just how and never makes mistakes but lets it be done unto you, then it will be done. Confusion brings more confusion, peace begets more peace. We cannot imagine the Great Spirit hurrying or worrying, fretting or trying to make anything happen. The only reason we worry and fret is because we have thought there was some other power which could bring confusion. Such is not the case. There is but one and we are always using that one but using it according to our belief. This is our divine birthright, nothing hinders but ourselves. Remember that since all is mind, you cannot demonstrate beyond your ability to comprehend mentally, that is beyond your ability to know about a certain thing. For instance, suppose you wish to heal someone who is sick. Your ability to do this will depend entirely upon your ability to see perfection mentally, coupled also with the realization that your word destroys everything unlike itself. If you try to see perfection for a few minutes only, it will never heal. Your thought goes on at all times and in the moments when you least realize it, conditions are being molded for you. It is not enough to declare consciously for the truth. The truth must be lived or no good results will be forthcoming.

The Use Of The Greater Consciousness


In practice the emancipated soul must always realize that he is in union with the Father. What the Father does, he can do in his own life. What God is, he can become. His word must be spoken with absolute authority. He must know, there should be no uncertainty. The word is the only power, everything must come from it and nothing can stand against it. It is the great weapon which he is to use against all evil and for all good. It is his shield against all adversity and his sure defense against all seeming limitation.

The secret place of the Most High is in his own soul, where God dwells in eternal peace and infinite calm. Here he walks the waters of life undisturbed by the waves and the storm. Divine companionship is his for all eternity. Peace which transcends all human confusion comes and he realizes that indeed he is honored of the Father. His word is flung out and will work and none can hinder it. The sense of sureness is complete. Heaven and earth may pass away but the word goes on and on accomplishing that thing for which it was sent and all power is given to it on earth and in heaven. If he speaks to the sick and they receive, it will heal them. If he says the word of prosperity it will manifest and nothing can hinder it. The world will abound with good and his cup run over with life.

What more can we ask! What greater realization of life than to know that God is with us! From this great realization comes peace, a peace which the world little understands and a calm which is as deep as the infinite sea of love in which he realizes himself to be immersed. Peace brings poise and the union of these two gives birth to Power. No person can hope to arrive while he believes in two powers; only as we rise to the realization of the One in and through all can we attain. When we speak the word there must be no confusion but only that calm reliance which knows that “Beside me there is none other.” Realize that Spirit is all Causation and that all things are made out of it, by the operation of the word through it and that you can speak the word that is one with the Spirit and there will be no more confusion. “As the Father has inherent life in himself, so has he given to the Son to have inherent life within himself. Speak the word only and it shall be done. The word is in your own mouth that ye should know it and do it. Stranger on earth, thy home is heaven. Pilgrim, thou art the guest of God.”

Arriving At A High Consciousness


The best way to arrive at the highest consciousness is to have a great faith in the willingness and the ability of Life to do all for us, by working through us. We must believe in the inherent goodness and all-powerfulness of the Spirit of Truth.

And so every path leads us back to the one point and we must learn to realize the near presence, the great reality. There, through the door of our own thought, we enter into the Universal Consciousness, into a complete realization of life and truth, of love and beauty and as we sit in the silence of our own souls and listen, it will be the greatest thing that we will ever do. In that completeness we are lost and yet we are found.

This is what is meant that one must lose his life in order to find it. We are lost to the human and found in the divine. We realize that we are One with Cause.

Race Consciousness


One of the things which greatly hinders us from demonstrating a greater degree of prosperity we may call race thought or race consciousness. This is the result of all that the race has thought or believed. We are immersed in it, and those who are receptive to it are controlled by it.

All thought seeks expression along the lines of least resistance. When we become negative or fearful we attract that kind of thought and condition. We must be sure of ourselves; we must be positive; we must not be aggressive, but absolutely sure and poised within.

Negative people are always picking up negative conditions; they get into trouble easily: Persons who are positive draw positive things; they are always successful. Few people realize that the law of thought is the great reality; that thoughts produce things. When we come to understand this power of thought, we will carefully watch our thinking to see that no thought enters that we should not want made into a thing.

We can guard our minds by knowing that no negative thought can enter; we can daily practice by saying that no race thought of limitation can enter the mind; that Spirit forms itself around us and protects us from all fear and from all limitation. Let us clothe ourselves in the great realization that all power is ours and that nothing else can enter; let us fill the atmosphere of our homes, and places of business with streams of positive thought. Other people will feel this and will like to be near us and enter into the things that we enter into. In this way we shall be continually drawing only the best.