Some people teach the use of denials. This must be settled by each individual for himself. Here and at all times we must settle every question from within and not from without. No living soul can say how another should or should not work. Beware of the danger of a self-appointed authority, this danger is as apt to come into New Thought as it was in the old. No one is your authority on anything. Let us look into the philosophy of denials. We find that many people teach and practice them and we do not wish in any way to criticize them. Their reasoning is this, “All disease is an image of thought held in mind until it appears in the body.” It is true that without the ability to think the human could not be sick.

If he thinks a sick thought it will make him sick, when he changes his thought and thinks health, he is healed. It is taught that since sickness is negative thought, it must be counteracted by a positive thought and that the best way is to deny the sick and affirm the positive thought. For instance, “There is no matter and nothing can be the matter. This person has no material stomach, he is spiritual and not material. His lungs are not made of matter, they are spiritual ideas. I deny that this person can be sick or suffer or die.” All this may be accurate. The person is a spiritual idea and so must be perfect in his real nature but there is a question if this is the better way. When we look into the creative way of the spirit we find it impossible for denial to enter, as the Spirit recognizes no opposite to its own nature.

It knows that “I Am and beside me there is no other.” The Spirit does not deny anything, it simply affirms itself to be that which it desires to be. Seeing and recognizing no opposite to itself, it finds no need of denial, indeed, this thought need not enter the mind. If we are working with the Spirit we need not deny but state the affirmative attitude of mind, realizing that we are dealing with the only power that exists. There is a subtle danger in using denials. We may deny to such an extent as to erect a barrier or build a mountain to overcome. Once realize that God makes things out of Himself simply by speaking and you will never again use denials in treating. All that needs changing is the false thought and by affirming that your word destroys everything but itself you will embody all that a denial could. In those systems that teach denials we find that the more enlightened ones are gradually using the affirmative method and as this is the growth of experience there can be no doubt that it is the better method. Of one thing we may be sure, the Spirit never denies. It simply knows that I am.