Impersonal Healing


The very presence of one that understands the truth will have a great power of healing. The reason for this is that we are all in Mind and we have with us at all times our thought and since all manifestation is the result of mind in action and we are thinking beings and are always causing mind to act, the very presence of our thought will have some power to act upon whatever we are thinking about. We are dealing with a power which in itself is limitless. We limit it and so it cannot become to us the bigger thing. Of itself the power is the same that made the worlds and it cannot realize any sense of limitation. “They could not enter in because of their unbelief and because they limited the Holy one of Israel.” Stop limiting things. Things are as big as we make them, no more, no less. There is room at the top. Get on top of everything and dare to dominate the earth. All things are given us to use, make use of them. Everything is limitless and we must see the truth that the fault is not in the Law but in ourselves when we fail. Not with God but with humanity. Dare, Dare, Dare.

Think of the bigness of things in the universe, think of the number of grains of sand, the profusion of all life and never again limit anything. All is yours to use. Jesus would never have become the Christ unless he had had the courage to say, “Behold, I Am He.” You will never attain until in some degree you are able to say the same thing of yourself.

We must learn to reach out and take what is meant for us, the greater life, the all good. People say, “Yes but how do you do it?” Simply know that God makes things out of Himself by speaking the word and that in your own life you can do the same. All people can think and all people can speak, at least mentally; this is all that you need to begin on. The word is at the center of all creation and is first cause, the starting point of all that you see. The word is in your own mouth and all that you have to do is to speak it. The trouble is that we are speaking the word and in the next breath we are denying its power by seeing something that contradicts it. If the word is the way that God creates, it is the right way. If it works for God, shall it not work for us? As yet our word is more or less imperfect but more and more it will become perfect and so the outer condition will be brought up to the inner word. All words have as much power as we put into them when we speak. “The word is already in our own mouths.” That word is all that you will ever need to bring happiness, health and success to you.

Do you wish to live in a perfect world peopled with friends who love you, surrounded by all that is beautiful and pleasing? Do you wish to have the good things of life? There is but one way and that way is as sure as that the sun shines. Forget all else and think only upon what you want. Control all thought that denies the real and as the mist disappears before the sun so shall all adversity melt before the shining radiance of your own exalted thought.

The prodigal son remained a prodigal only so long as he chose to do so. When the thought came to him to return he was greeted by the Father with outstretched hands. So shall we find that when we turn to that world which is perfect there will be something that will turn with us and we shall behold the new heaven and the new earth, not in some far off place somewhere beyond the clouds but here and now shall we become free.

We must do away with all that hinders the true growth, all the little thoughts that hinder us from becoming. Human strife comes from the thought that there is not enough to go around. Forget it. We cannot use even what we see and what we do not see is infinite. You will rob no one by becoming prosperous and the laws that underlie this state of being are simple and easy to understand and not hard to attain for the one who is willing to let go of the negative state of being.