The Level Of Consciousness


Since all is mind and it is done unto us as we mentally think, all life is simply a law of thought, an activity of consciousness. In our life the power flows through us. If we provide a big receptivity, it will do a big thing. If, on the other hand, we only believe in a small way, the activity must be a small one. The Spirit can do for us only what it can do through us. Unless we are able to provide the consciousness, it cannot make the gift. Few people have a great consciousness and this explains why so few excel. The power behind all things of itself is without limit. it is all-power and in us it has to become what we make it. We carry within our own soul the key to all expression but few enter in.

The door is not seen with the physical eye and as yet but few have gained the ability to see, the majority merely look. Realizing then, that while the power is limitless it must become operative through our own thought, we shall see that what we need is not some greater power but that what we really need is a greater consciousness, a deeper realization of life, a grander concept of being. We must unify ourselves with the great whole. The person who dares to fling his thought out into universal intelligence with the positive assurance of one who knows and dares to claim all there is will find that it will be done. God will honor his request. On the other hand, the one who fears to speak lest God will smite will find himself smitten of the law, not because God is angry but because it is done as he believes.

We have a right to have and should expect to have in this world all that will make for the comfort and for the luxuries of life. What matter how much we have, if we rob no other soul to get it? Shall not the Power that so lavishly spreads Itself out into nature give to us Its highest expression, all that we can ask? We dishonor God when we claim less than all. Until we can expand our thought so that we shall be able to say also, “I am” we need not expect to get great results.

The soul that knows its own Divinity is the great soul before it all else must bend, to it all else must gravitate. Enlarge your thought processes. Away with the little personal thoughts of things and dare to think in universal terms about all things. The universe is running over with good, it is for you but you must believe and then take it. Do you dare to believe that your own word is invincible? When you speak it how do you feel? Is it limitless, is it all power, is all power given to you in heaven and on earth, are you one with the only power that there is? Until you can say yes to all these questions and not simply believe them but know them you cannot hope to attain. It is useless in making a demonstration to beg for things as well beg that water should be wet or that fire should be hot. Things are we must take them. Your word has only the power that you put into it, no more and no less. We are all held accountable for every word that we speak because all is the action and the reaction of mind. We are our own heaven and our own hell.

We start a new enterprise and wonder what the chances of success are, have we realized that the outer is simply the inner manifested? When we go to a new place we shall find there only what we have taken with us. If we have taken success we will find success? If, on the other hand, we have taken failure we will find failure. This is the law none can avoid it, none need try. Every living soul is a law unto his own life. “There is no law but my own soul shall set.” Nothing can come upon the path of the soul but that thing that the soul attracts.