Creative Mind (Full Book)

Creative Mind – Table Of Contents

In The Beginning- Pt. 1

A Principle That Can Be Proven – Pt. 2

The Word Going Forth – Pt. 3

Why And What Is Man – Pt. 4

The Law Of Our Lives – Pt. 5

Man’s Part – Pt. 6

Bondage And Freedom – Pt. 7

The Word – Pt. 8

The Man Who Has Arrived – Pt. 9

The Power We Have Within Us – Pt. 10

Individual Ideas – Pt. 11

The Reason For The Universe – Pt. 12

Mind In Action – Pt. 13

Action And Reaction – Pt. 14

Arriving At A High Consciousness – Pt. 15

Outer Suggestions – Pt. 16

The Use Of The Greater Consciousness – Pt. 17

The Greater Consciousness – Pt. 18

The Perfect Universe – Pt. 19

About Struggle And Karma – Pt. 20

Practice – Pt. 21

The Same Power Used In Two Ways – Pt. 22

Healing The Sick – Pt. 23

Denials – Pt. 24

The Use Of Affirmations – Pt. 25

The Highest Attitude Of Mind – Pt. 26

Non-Resistance – Pt. 27

Be Alive – Pt. 28

Be Happy – Pt. 29

Live In The Present – Pt. 30

See The Good In All Things – Pt. 31

Be Expectant – Pt. 32

Expanding Our Thought – Pt. 33

The Power Of A Treatment – Pt. 34

Repeating The Treatment – Pt. 35

Impersonal Healing – Pt. 36

Prosperity – Pt. 37

What Is The Spiritual Mind? – Pt. 38

The Church Of God – Pt. 39

The Path To Prosperity – Pt. 40

The Way Of The Spirit – Pt. 41

The Level Of Consciousness – Pt. 42

Practice For Prosperity – Pt. 43

Conclusion – Pt. 44

Questions And Answers – Pt. 45

Definitions – Pt. 46

What Is The Spiritual Mind?


What is true spirituality? Many people have asked this and as many have answered it. I do not pretend to know more about this all important topic than others but to the thinking person who has come to realize that all is love, yet at the same time all is governed by law, there must be a different answer given than the one we ordinarily hear. The average religious person thinks that spirituality must manifest in some unnatural way, such as giving up all personal pleasure and becoming resigned to whatever happens, that we must give up most of what life holds here, that in some far- off future perhaps we may attain. This was not the case with the person of Jesus. We have more accounts of his being at feasts and weddings and similar gatherings than at other places. His first miracle was performed at a wedding feast and we must remember that here he even turned water into wine for the pleasure of the guests of the house. Perhaps we have made a mistake about what true spirituality means.

Other people think we must live some kind of an excluded life in order to obtain. Perhaps this may be true of the weak ones. But what of the world? What of the busy street? Is it not to be saved also? Jesus spent much time with the common people as well as with the rich. And it is certain that he also spent much time alone with the Spirit.

What is the Spirit, anyway? We all answer, “Why of course, it is God.” Where is the Spirit? It is present at all times and in all places. True spirituality must simply mean coming to realize the presence of this Spirit. It must be coming to rely upon it more than anything else. The one then who is the most spiritual is simply the one who relies the most, that is all. No matter where he is, he must rely, he must trust, he must believe. We do not have to give up anything but negative thought and act. We do not want to do anything that contradicts the forward march of the unfoldment of the Spirit, so all that we think and do must be in line with that which is right. But who shall say what is and what is not right? Remember this forever, only your own soul shall say what is right and what is wrong. “To thine own self be true and it shall follow as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” Look to no one for guidance. This is the “blind leading the blind.” The Almighty has put the truth into your own soul, look there and there alone for it. Many people seem to think that for a person to look spiritual he must have no color in his face, have some kind of far-away truth, he must be peculiar either in looks or in the way he dresses.

To one who knows the truth, both praise and blame sound alike but from the human standpoint at least a person cannot help being amused at the way in which the world judges true spirituality. My idea of true spirituality is that a person should live a perfectly normal life, entering into and enjoying all in life that is clean and good. He should place himself absolutely under the divine guidance. Other than this he will seem just like other people, neither better nor worse. Get over all kinds of unnatural thought and remember that all is good. Neither criticize nor condemn people or things.

You are spiritual in so far as you trust in the Spirit, at all times, in all places, under all conditions. In order to do this you do not have to seclude yourself from the world. To do so is an open confession of your own weakness and lack. There are moments when it is best to be alone with the Power. From these moments we gather strength. To keep that strength to ourselves is pure selfishness. Walk, talk, live with the human race, hand in hand with all people and unified with all events, live and love and learn. Be natural and normal. If you seek to enter some other way it must all be done over again, for no one lives or dies unto himself but unto all people.

The Highest Attitude Of Mind


The highest attitude of mind, from which all else springs, is one of perfect calm and absolute trust in the Spirit.

The one who can with perfect confidence look into the future and with perfect ease of mind rest in the present and who never looks backward but who has learned to be still in his own soul and wait upon the Spirit, he is the one who will the most completely demonstrate the supremacy of spiritual thought over all so-called material resistance.

“Be still and know that I Am God.”

Mind In Action


Everything that we see is the result of mind in action. We all have a body and we have what is called a physical environment. We could have neither if it were not for mind. The law implanted within us is, that we need nothing except ourselves and this All-Wise Creative Mind to make anything and that just so far as we depend upon any condition, past, present or future or upon any individual, we are creating chaos, because we are dealing with conditions and not with causes. Every living soul is a law unto himself but of this great truth few people are conscious. It seems difficult for the race, which feels itself to be so limited, to comprehend the fact that there is a power that makes things directly out of itself by simply becoming the thing that it makes and that it does this by self knowing. But we will not demonstrate until we see at least some of this, the greatest truth about life.

We should realize that we are dealing with the principle that is scientifically correct. It will never fail us at any time but is eternally present. We can approach the Infinite Mind with a depth of thought and understanding, knowing that it will respond, knowing that we are dealing with reality.

Jesus, who saw this very clearly, laid down the whole law of life in a few simple words. “It is done unto you as you believe.” We do not have to do it, it is done unto us, it is done by a power that is all. Could we believe that a material mountain would be moved, it would be done unto us. But unless we do believe there is no impulse for the creative power and we do not receive. Life externalizes at the level of our thought.

Keeping The Thing In Mind


Never let go of the mental image until it becomes manifested. Daily bring up the clear picture of what is wanted and impress it on the mind as an accomplished fact. This impressing on our own minds the thought of what we wish to realize will cause our own minds to impress the same thought on Universal Mind. In this way we shall be praying without ceasing. We do not have to hold continually the thought of something we want in order to get it, but the thought that we may inwardly become the thing we want.

Fifteen minutes, twice each day, is time enough to spend in order to demonstrate anything, but the rest of the time ought also to be spent constructively. That is, we must stop all negative thinking and give over all wrong thought, holding fast to the realization that it is now done unto us. We must know that we are dealing with the only power there is in the Universe; that there is none other beside it, and that we are in it partaking of its nature and its laws.

Always, behind the word that we send forth, must be the calm confidence in our ability to speak into the power, and the willingness of Mind to execute for us. We must gradually grow in confidence and in trust in the unseen world of spiritual activity. This is not hard, if we but remember that the Spirit makes things out of Itself by simply becoming the thing that it makes, and since there is no other power to oppose it, it will always work. The Spirit will never fail us if we never fail to believe in its goodness and its responsiveness.

Life will become one grand song, when we realize that since God is for us, none can be against us. We shall cease merely to exist; we shall live.

Creative Mind And Success (Full Book)

Creative Mind And Success – Table Of Contents

An Inquiry Into The Truth – Pt. 1

What Life Is – Pt. 2

Man’s Place In Creation – Pt. 3

The Beginning Of Understanding – Pt. 4

Our Conditions Governed By Our Thinking – Pt. 5

Unconscious Creation – Pt. 6

First Steps – Pt. 7

How To Attain Strength – Pt. 8

What We Will Attract – Pt. 9

More About The Power Of Attraction – Pt. 10

How To Attract Friends – Pt. 11

The Control Of Thought – Pt. 12

Creating Atmosphere – Pt. 13

The Power Of Words – Pt. 14

Why Belief Is Necessary – Pt. 15

Where So Many Fail – Pt. 16

Using The Imagination – Pt. 17

Man’s Right Of Choice – Pt. 18

Old Age And Opportunity – Pt. 19

Demonstrating Success In Business – Pt. 20

Money: A Spiritual Idea – Pt. 21

Action – Pt. 22

Ideas Of The Infinite – Pt. 23

Don’t Be A Leaner – Pt. 24

Causes And Conditions – Pt. 25

Mental Equivalents – Pt. 26

One Law And Many Manifestations – Pt. 27

Transcending Previous Conditions – Pt. 28

Understanding And Misunderstanding – Pt. 29

No Unusual Experience – Pt. 30

Visualizing – Pt. 31

Where Demonstration Takes Place – Pt. 32

Treatments – Pt. 33

Understanding And Guidance – Pt. 34

How To Know Just What To Do – Pt. 35

Following Up A Thought – Pt. 36

The Single Stream Of Thought – Pt. 37

Enlarging Our Thought – Pt. 38

Always Be Gathering – Pt. 39

Mental Likeness – Pt. 40

Keeping The Thing In Mind – Pt. 41

Destroy All Thoughts That We Do Not Wish To Experience – Pt. 42

Direct Practice For Prosperity – Pt. 43

Race Consciousness – Pt. 44

Developing Intuition – Pt. 45

Presence Of Activity – Pt. 46

Drawing Your Own To You – Pt. 47

The Final Word – Pt. 48

A Note From Creative Mind Books, December 2018

Here I have made an effort to compile the best works from the new thought literature of the early 20th century, in particular the works of a brilliant man named Ernest Holmes who is the author of several amazing books, most notably one entitled Creative Mind, after which this library is named.

Even though many of these books were written nearly 100 years ago they still remain incredibly practical and relevant especially in the age of social media and the internet and the way that our technology has progressed thus far.

On a personal note, this book called Creative Mind And Success is my favorite out of all the books I have re-published, for the simple reason that it explains man’s place in the universe and how to use this knowledge for personal success, financial success, and ultimately the pursuit of happiness (and whatever that might mean to you on a personal level).

I hope you can benefit from these books and let them help you to live your life as you see fit. – Creative Mind Books


This foreword is being written in 1957 for the nineteenth printing of this little book. I have just re-read it probably for the first time since it originally appeared in 1919. And as I read, I contemplated what changes might have occurred in my thinking during these thirty-eight years, what revisions I might make in the manuscript if I were writing it today. They were few, for Truth is ageless, timeless, changeless. We may have modified our techniques slightly, for we certainly should make improvements in nearly four decades of experience with the Law of Mind in Action. For example, we no longer ‘hold thoughts’. We think positive thoughts and then release them, charged with the spiritual energy of Faith, into the Universal Mind which is common to all men.

Neither do we use the ‘power of will’ to set the Law in motion. We use our God-given power of choice, either to use the Law constructively or destructively.

This much I know, that if I were writing this book today, it would be penned with far greater conviction than in 1919, for during these intervening years I have witnessed proof in hundreds of cases that ‘all is Love, yet all is Law’ in the realm of Mind. At that time I wrote: “Already thousands are using this great Power, and thousands are eagerly watching and waiting for the new day.”

It is gratifying to note that during these thirty-eight years, many more thousands have learned the Truth that sets men free, free from the man-made dogmas and superstitions that have fettered man’s thinking down through the centuries.

I am more convinced than ever that the Science of Mind, as expounded in our text-book under that name, based upon the teachings of Jesus and coordinated with the philosophy of other great thinkers of the ages, is destined to become the new religion for the new day.

It is a self-evident truth that if man is made in the spiritual image and likeness of God, man’s mind must be made out of God’s Mind; also that man has the same power in his individual life that God has in the Universal. If it is true that, as Jesus said, “It is the Father within, he doeth the works” – then man’s inner life is one with the Father.

Since all causation is mental, it follows that if all things are created by the Mind of God and man’s mind is part of God’s Mind, man is able, by thinking, to set in motion a Power that creates. Of course, man does not create that Power, neither does he coerce it. It is his to use either rightly or wrongly. It is always with him. It never deserts him. It operates every moment of his life.

We need, therefore, only to clear our minds of unbelief, and know that “it is done unto us as we believe.” In this spirit, we can think thoughts of success and success will follow as surely as day follows night, for our thought will not return unto us void. “It is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom.” We need only accept it.

Even when we fail, we are proving that the Law works according to our belief that it will not work. Of course, we do not wish to fail, but if our mental attitude is one of doubt, then the result will be the out-picturing of our negative thoughts. We can change the effect only by changing the cause… by reversing our thoughts and believing that the good we desire is already ours. Knowing this, we can no longer blame others for our trouble. We recognize that, within ourselves is the Power to produce success or failure.

Fear brings failure; faith brings success. It’s just that simple. If you keep that in mind as you read the contents of this little book, you will find it a delightful spiritual adventure.

Ernest Holmes January, 1957