Resist not evil and it will flee from you.” Here is a statement of one of the great laws of our being. When we resist we make a mental image of the thing we are fighting and that tends to have it created for us. When we learn to look only at what we want and never at what we do not want, we will no longer resist anything. “Suffer it to be so now.” You need not try to change the world. Let it alone, all people are doing the best they can. No one needs to be saved but yourself and the sooner you realize this the sooner you will attain. Get over that “holier than thou” attitude. It is an illusion that many people suffer from, especially in the religious world.

The world is all right, it is not going to Hell. It is on the way to Heaven. It is getting good so fast that in the process many things are being overturned and confusion appears to be on the surface. A great change is taking place and on the surface the results are as yet a little mixed but underneath, the power is at work destroying all unlike itself. In time all will come to see this. What a load of responsibility we assume that we were never meant to carry.

Remember that in the Divine plan no mistakes are made and that if God could have done it in a better way it would have been done differently. No souls are lost, for all “Live and move and have their being in God” and “God is not a God of the dead but of the living, for in the sight of God all are alive.” Too long have we believed in the negative simply because we have allowed ourselves to become hypnotized by a few strong-minded people and by those who have imposed upon the race a mass of false philosophy .