The Perfect Universe


The one who desires to heal must stop seeing, reading about, discussing or listening to conversation about sickness. There is no other way under the sun except as we let go of that which we do not desire and take that which we wish to have. There is too much of this deceiving ourselves into thinking that we can do two ways at once. We may deceive ourselves and possibly other people but the law remains the same, a law of mental correspondences and nothing else. We cannot go beyond our ability to realize the truth, water rises only to its own level. In our patients as well as in ourselves and our environment we will reflect what we are, not at our best in the few moments of silence but in the long run of ordinary life and thought.

To acquire the larger consciousness is no easy task. All that we have believed in which contradicts the perfect whole must be dropped from our thought and we must come to realize that we are now living in a perfect universe, peopled with perfect spiritual beings, each of which (coupled with the Great Divinity) is complete within himself. We must see that we are one in the great one and then we will not separate or divide but unite and add to until in time we will find that we are living in an entirely different world from that in which we had once thought we were living. Of course this will meet with much opposition from those unenlightened souls whom we must contact in the world. But what of that? Remember, the great person is the one who can keep in the crowd the calm, even thought, the deep, divine reliance on principle. And more, this is the only way to help or to save the world. In time all people will come to the same understanding. You are lifting up the standard of life and those who are ready will follow. You have no responsibility to save the world except by exemplifying the truth. The world must save itself.

All are alike. There is no difference between one person and another. Come to see all as a divine idea. Stop all negative thought, think only about what you want and never about what you do not want, as that would cause a false creation. Too much cannot be said about the fact that all are dealing with only one power, making and unmaking for you through the creative power of your own thought. If there is something in your life that you do not want there, stop fighting it – forget it!