Action And Reaction


There is something that casts back at us every thought that we think. “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord,” is a statement of eternal truth and correspondences against which nothing can stand and whatever the person sets in motion in mind will be returned to him, even as he has conceived within himself and brought forth into manifestation.

If we wish to transcend old thoughts we must rise above them and think higher things. We are dealing with the law of cause and effect and it is absolute. It receives the slightest as well as the greatest thought and at once begins to act upon it. And sometimes even when we know this we are surprised at the rapidity with which it works.

If we have been misusing this law we need not fail, all that we have to do is to turn from the old way and begin in the new. We will soon work up out of the old law into the new which is being established for us. When we desire only the good the evil slips from us and returns no more.