The Way Of The Spirit


Again let us say that the Spirit creates by becoming the thing that it thinks. There is no other possible way in which it could work. Since it is all and there is no other, the thought of opposing forces never enters into its mental working. When we are judging from the outer we are not working in line with the power that we should be using. We must come to see that there is only One Power and that we are touching it at all points, for there is not a power of poverty and a power of prosperity. There is the one becoming the many. It makes and it unmakes that a higher form may appear to express through it. All that is not in line with its forward movement will soon pass away, for it recognizes no opposite. As far as we are concerned what we are and what we are to become depends only upon what we are thinking, for this is the way that we are using creative power. The sooner we get away from the thought that we have to create, the sooner we will be able to work in line with the Spirit. Always we use, we never create anything. The united intelligence of the human race could not make a single rosebud, it does not know enough. But our slightest thought adrift in mind causes the same power that makes all things to create for us.

The great error of the race is and always has been that people have thought to give a physical reason for things. When that reason has not answered the problems of life they have sought out some other reason just as physical. The fact that they are all wrong is shown in that every generation has found a different reason. When truth is found it will also be found that it never changes to suit the whims of the human fancy. This is proven by the fact that whatever of the real truth the race has discovered has never been changed. The truth that was revealed to the prophets of old has never changed, it is the same today as it was thousands of years ago. Whoever touches truth, no matter in what generation, will always get the same answer. The great truth that was revealed from Moses to the time of Jesus is the same truth that is still revealed to all who will accept it. It is simply this, we are now living in a Spiritual Universe governed by mental laws of cause and effect. Moses saw it mostly from the standpoint of the Law of cause and effect, an eye for an eye. What does this mean?

It means, as Jesus said, “As a man sows, so shall he reap.“ Moses saw the law. Jesus saw not only the law (“I am come not to destroy but to fulfill”) but he saw behind the law the reason for it and revealed behind all law the Great Law-giver, a God of love working out the great inner concepts of His own being in harmony and in beauty, filled with peace, causing the sun to shine alike upon the just and the unjust. Jesus did not try to overcome the use of law. He understood all law and He well knew that all law was at His command. He did not break the law, He fulfilled it. So we must find that all is at our command through these same laws. The person who understands law and complies with it will have no difficulty in demonstrating that it is as true for him as it ever was for anyone else. What, then, are the laws underlying prosperity? The first is this and we must not try to escape it: “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.” This Me is Spirit. We are then, to trust only in the activity of Spirit for what we need. But the world will say, “Human things come through human agencies.”

This may be true but we must realize that the power we are dealing with also has within its own mind all people and all things. We do not have to treat people, what we have to do is to embody principle. Principle may use people but that is no part of our responsibility. Ultimately all is Spirit and Spirit which is the beginning is also the end of all manifestation. “I am the Alpha and the Omega.” Our life then, is to be governed by Spirit. We need look no further. It will do for us all that we will ever ask, provided we believe. Why then, has it not done so? The answer is that it has already done so but we have not received it. The Spirit may offer but we must accept the gift before it can be made. “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.” We must understand that this receiving is a mental process, it is one of mentally taking.

The way then, that we are using mind through our thought is the way that we are treating ourselves for prosperity. So simple and yet we have not understood it! If a person says, “I have not,” he will not receive. If he says, “I have” he will receive. “To those who have shall be given and to those who have not shall be taken away even that which they have.” This is a veiled statement of the law of cause and effect. When you send out into mind the thought that you have not, it accepts the idea and takes away from you even that which you have. Reverse the process and say, “I have” and it will at once set to work to create for you even more than you now possess. You will readily see then that you are not dealing with two powers but with one and that it operates through your own thought, doing unto all even as they believe.