Demonstrating Success In Business


All demonstrations take place within ourselves. Creation is eternally flowing through all things. The law is always working from that inner pattern. We do not struggle with conditions, we use principles which create conditions. What we can mentally encompass we can accomplish, no matter how hard it may seem from the outside.

All external things are but the outer rim of inner thought activity. You can easily prove this for yourself. If you are in business, say, running an ice cream stand or counter, and are not doing good business, look carefully into your own thought and see what you will find. You will find that it is an established belief there that business is not good. You are not feeling a sense of activity. You will not find within your thought any feeling of success. You are not expecting many customers.

Now suppose someone comes along and says to you: “What is the matter? Why are you not doing more business?” This is about what the answer would be: “People don’t seem to want what I have to sell.” Or perhaps something like this: “I am too old to compete with modern methods.” Or even: “Well, times are hard.” All this is negative thought.

Now this man to whom you are talking does not believe a word you have said. He knows that causation is in mind and not in matter, and he says: “The whole thing is in your own mind; the trouble with you is that you don’t feel that you are a success.”

Perhaps you have heard something of this before; if so you will ask him what he means, or perhaps you think he is talking about something peculiar; but we are taking it for granted that you are so anxious to do something to make your business a success that you will be willing to try anything, so you ask him to explain. He begins by telling you all is Mind; nothing moves but Mind moves it and that you are a center in this Mind. You do not understand how this relates in any way to your business, but he goes on to say that your thought decides whether your business shall be a success or a failure. Here you become indignant, and ask if he means to tell you that you want to fail. Of course he knows you do not, and he explains that while you wish success, you are thinking failure, fearing it, and that there is a law that makes your thought, never asking questions but at once sets about its fulfillment. You become interested and ask how this can be; in return you are asked this question: “How did anything come into being?”

This sets you to thinking and of course you realize that there was a time when nothing existed but life; so whatever has come into being must have come from that life, for what we see must come from that which we do not see. You have to admit that. Then what you do not see must be the Cause of everything; and you must also admit that; and that Cause works by Law; this you are compelled to admit. Then this Law, being everywhere, must be in you; this is harder for you to see; but after much thought you begin to realize that it is so. Then you, without knowing where your thought processes were leading you, have conceded that you, yourself, are the reason for what happens in your life, be it success or failure.

God couldn’t make you any other way and at the same time make you a self- choosing individual. This is plain.

Now what are you going to do about it? This is what you must do. For every time that you have thought failure you are going to replace it with strong radiant thoughts of success. You are going to speak activity into your business. You are going daily to see nothing but activity and to know that it is Law that you are using, Universal Law, and as such your thought is as sure as the thought of God.

Daily you are going to give to the Great Creative Mind exactly what you want to happen. You will see only what you desire and in the silence of your soul you will speak and it will be done unto you. You will come to believe that a great Divine Love flows through you and your affairs. You will be grateful for this Love.

It fills your life. It satisfies your soul. You are a different man. You are so filled with activity and courage that when you meet people they will wonder at your energy. They will begin to wish simply to come in contact with you. They will feel uplifted.

In the course of a few months you will be a success. People will come to you and say: “How do you do it?” The answer will be the same that was given to you a few months ago.

Let the man who is speaking to the public do the same thing. Let him daily see throngs of people coming to hear him. Let him see nothing else. He will experience what he feels, and sees.

Always remember this. Life is from within outward, and never from without inward. You are the center of power in your own life.

Be sure and not take on false suggestion. The world is full of calamity howlers; turn from them, every one, no matter how great you think they may be; you haven’t the time to waste over anything that is negative. You are a success, and you are giving to the Law, every day, just what you want done. And the Law is always working for you. All fear has gone and you know that there is but One Power in all the Universe. Happy is the man who knows this, the greatest of all Truths.

The whole thing resolves itself into our mental ability to control our thought. The man who can do this, can have what he wants, can do what he wishes, and becomes what he wills. Life, God, the Universe, is his.

Creative Mind And Success (Full Book)

Creative Mind And Success – Table Of Contents

An Inquiry Into The Truth – Pt. 1

What Life Is – Pt. 2

Man’s Place In Creation – Pt. 3

The Beginning Of Understanding – Pt. 4

Our Conditions Governed By Our Thinking – Pt. 5

Unconscious Creation – Pt. 6

First Steps – Pt. 7

How To Attain Strength – Pt. 8

What We Will Attract – Pt. 9

More About The Power Of Attraction – Pt. 10

How To Attract Friends – Pt. 11

The Control Of Thought – Pt. 12

Creating Atmosphere – Pt. 13

The Power Of Words – Pt. 14

Why Belief Is Necessary – Pt. 15

Where So Many Fail – Pt. 16

Using The Imagination – Pt. 17

Man’s Right Of Choice – Pt. 18

Old Age And Opportunity – Pt. 19

Demonstrating Success In Business – Pt. 20

Money: A Spiritual Idea – Pt. 21

Action – Pt. 22

Ideas Of The Infinite – Pt. 23

Don’t Be A Leaner – Pt. 24

Causes And Conditions – Pt. 25

Mental Equivalents – Pt. 26

One Law And Many Manifestations – Pt. 27

Transcending Previous Conditions – Pt. 28

Understanding And Misunderstanding – Pt. 29

No Unusual Experience – Pt. 30

Visualizing – Pt. 31

Where Demonstration Takes Place – Pt. 32

Treatments – Pt. 33

Understanding And Guidance – Pt. 34

How To Know Just What To Do – Pt. 35

Following Up A Thought – Pt. 36

The Single Stream Of Thought – Pt. 37

Enlarging Our Thought – Pt. 38

Always Be Gathering – Pt. 39

Mental Likeness – Pt. 40

Keeping The Thing In Mind – Pt. 41

Destroy All Thoughts That We Do Not Wish To Experience – Pt. 42

Direct Practice For Prosperity – Pt. 43

Race Consciousness – Pt. 44

Developing Intuition – Pt. 45

Presence Of Activity – Pt. 46

Drawing Your Own To You – Pt. 47

The Final Word – Pt. 48

A Note From Creative Mind Books, December 2018

Here I have made an effort to compile the best works from the new thought literature of the early 20th century, in particular the works of a brilliant man named Ernest Holmes who is the author of several amazing books, most notably one entitled Creative Mind, after which this library is named.

Even though many of these books were written nearly 100 years ago they still remain incredibly practical and relevant especially in the age of social media and the internet and the way that our technology has progressed thus far.

On a personal note, this book called Creative Mind And Success is my favorite out of all the books I have re-published, for the simple reason that it explains man’s place in the universe and how to use this knowledge for personal success, financial success, and ultimately the pursuit of happiness (and whatever that might mean to you on a personal level).

I hope you can benefit from these books and let them help you to live your life as you see fit. – Creative Mind Books


This foreword is being written in 1957 for the nineteenth printing of this little book. I have just re-read it probably for the first time since it originally appeared in 1919. And as I read, I contemplated what changes might have occurred in my thinking during these thirty-eight years, what revisions I might make in the manuscript if I were writing it today. They were few, for Truth is ageless, timeless, changeless. We may have modified our techniques slightly, for we certainly should make improvements in nearly four decades of experience with the Law of Mind in Action. For example, we no longer ‘hold thoughts’. We think positive thoughts and then release them, charged with the spiritual energy of Faith, into the Universal Mind which is common to all men.

Neither do we use the ‘power of will’ to set the Law in motion. We use our God-given power of choice, either to use the Law constructively or destructively.

This much I know, that if I were writing this book today, it would be penned with far greater conviction than in 1919, for during these intervening years I have witnessed proof in hundreds of cases that ‘all is Love, yet all is Law’ in the realm of Mind. At that time I wrote: “Already thousands are using this great Power, and thousands are eagerly watching and waiting for the new day.”

It is gratifying to note that during these thirty-eight years, many more thousands have learned the Truth that sets men free, free from the man-made dogmas and superstitions that have fettered man’s thinking down through the centuries.

I am more convinced than ever that the Science of Mind, as expounded in our text-book under that name, based upon the teachings of Jesus and coordinated with the philosophy of other great thinkers of the ages, is destined to become the new religion for the new day.

It is a self-evident truth that if man is made in the spiritual image and likeness of God, man’s mind must be made out of God’s Mind; also that man has the same power in his individual life that God has in the Universal. If it is true that, as Jesus said, “It is the Father within, he doeth the works” – then man’s inner life is one with the Father.

Since all causation is mental, it follows that if all things are created by the Mind of God and man’s mind is part of God’s Mind, man is able, by thinking, to set in motion a Power that creates. Of course, man does not create that Power, neither does he coerce it. It is his to use either rightly or wrongly. It is always with him. It never deserts him. It operates every moment of his life.

We need, therefore, only to clear our minds of unbelief, and know that “it is done unto us as we believe.” In this spirit, we can think thoughts of success and success will follow as surely as day follows night, for our thought will not return unto us void. “It is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom.” We need only accept it.

Even when we fail, we are proving that the Law works according to our belief that it will not work. Of course, we do not wish to fail, but if our mental attitude is one of doubt, then the result will be the out-picturing of our negative thoughts. We can change the effect only by changing the cause… by reversing our thoughts and believing that the good we desire is already ours. Knowing this, we can no longer blame others for our trouble. We recognize that, within ourselves is the Power to produce success or failure.

Fear brings failure; faith brings success. It’s just that simple. If you keep that in mind as you read the contents of this little book, you will find it a delightful spiritual adventure.

Ernest Holmes January, 1957