Repeating The Treatment


One treatment would heal anything if it were not for the fact that people are constantly receiving false suggestions from the outer life. As it now stands we should treat until we get results, always expecting that it will happen at once. Every treatment should be complete and at the close we should always realize that it is done.

The word spoken once from the mind that knows is immediately taken up by the Mind in which we live and this Mind begins to create around the word, which is the seed, the thing thought of. We must speak that word with authority. There can be no wondering if it is going to work. When we plant a seed in the ground and water and care for it, we never doubt but a plant will spring into being.

So it is with the word. It is acted upon by some power which we do not see but that the power is there. There is no doubt, since all who go about it get results. As Thomas Edison says of electricity, “It is, use it” so we say of mind, “It is, use it.” Always remember that your every thought is the way that you are treating, since it is the way that you are thinking.

The Power Of A Treatment


Treatment has as much power as we put into the word which we speak when we are giving it. This does not mean screwing up our mind or using our will power or using force from the material standpoint. It means simply knowing that what we say will be done unto us of a Power which can do anything that is given It to do. We must know that our word breaks down every material law and sets the patient free to express God.

We must know that the word would endure even though all else should fail. “Heaven and earth will pass away but my word will accomplish.” In calm confidence and perfect faith, speak and wait upon the perfect law. Get that mental attitude that never wavers. Be sure and it will be done.