The Same Power Used In Two Ways


There is only One power but we use it in two ways, either to destroy or to save. The blessing and the curse are one and the same thing. The power of mind used either affirmatively or negatively. The word used in fear and doubt or in faith and assurance.

You do not have to understand material philosophy or be learned in the books of the human race. All these things may be good in their place, but to one who understands the greater laws of life they are as simple babblings – “An infant crying in the night, an infant crying for the light. And with no language but a cry.”

We no longer cry, we know. We no longer ask if there be a God or if we dare to speak to Him lest we die. We do not analyze, dissect, affirm or deny. We know.

We trust our own word because first we “know in whom we have believed.” The sooner the one who is striving to attain will realize that truth must become revealed through his own soul and not that of another, the sooner he will attain. We must then become immune from the race suggestion of an hypnotic power that sets itself up as an authority. There is no other authority than your own soul, as “There is no law but that your soul has set.” Leave authorities to smaller minds and to those who need a leader because of this their own self-confessed weakness and be free. Dare to “stand amidst the eternal way” and proclaim your own atonement with all the power that there is, was or ever will be.

Practically the whole human race is hypnotized, thinking whatever it is told to think. We get our concepts from our physical environment. We say, “see sin, sickness and death, misery, unhappiness and calamity.” And this concept we are giving to the creative, impersonal Mind and so we are making a law for ourselves that will produce what we believe in. Do we really know what law means? It means that which will exact the utmost farthing from our thought.

Like produces like, attracts like, creates like. If we could see our thought and take a picture of it and of our conditions we would see no difference between the two, for they are really but the inside and the outside of the same thing.

We cannot make affirmations for fifteen minutes a day and spend the rest of our time denying the thing which we have affirmed and affirming the thing which we have denied and obtain the results which we seek. We send out the word and it sets the power in motion. Then we think the opposite thing which neutralizes the first word and zero is the result.

We cannot demonstrate one iota beyond our mental ability to conceive and steadfastly to embody. Infinite as Creative Power is, receptive and quick as it is, it can only become to us what we first think into it. God can do for us only what He can do through us.

Dare to say, “Behold I am he. Great men have come and gone and behold a greater now stands here where I stand and I am that one.” The world will laugh and perhaps scorn. The Christian world will hold up its hands in holy horror, lest you blaspheme. The unchristian world will smile knowingly. Neither the one nor the other will understand but the understanding of either counts for nothing. You are now free and your freedom will yet save the world from itself. The great soul finds within himself the Divine companionship which he needs. He finds within himself the “Peace which passeth all understanding” and the power to do all things. All Power. He speaks, his word is Law and it is done unto him of all the power there is. His word knows itself to be the law of life unto all for whom it is spoken and who receive it.